You Are The Breath That I Breathe


It happened in the early hours of this morning. I will type it they way I did to a friend on facebook. several hours back(after it happened) So, I almost died this morning at about 1.30am or so But Jesus saved me…now the time is 4:19am…been up since then I sinned (fell for something that I’ve been gradually overcoming) and somehow I unconsciously slept off without repenting, even though that wasn’t my intention..but in my dream it somehow surged down on me and my memory like “you’ve not repented” that knowing just came and immediately I awoke and started praying while making my way to the bathroom… As I was still praying and relieving myself at the loo, I suddenly felt a painful feeling all over my body but more on my whole chest and then this kind of numbness alongside it..before I knew it..I was falling-no, slumping downwards with my eyes open but also trying to mouth unbelievably was still moving in prayer…there was no panic even though I helplessly tried to control myself.

I.all of a sudden I just stopped and I do not know how I did..but I knew it was Jesus. I immediately began worshipping and thanking Him for mercy and saving me.. Then I put on my headphones and hit shuffle in faith believing He would have something to say to me…(remember I said one of those ways is songs?). Well right off the bat He did…played the first song that sang of freedom from sin e.t.c (can’t recall exactly.) Then He went on to play this song by Dr. Tumi. It says ” hossana to Jehovah, you are the breath that I breathe” “Hossana to Jehovah, in You i live and move and have my being”… That was point blank perfect.. I just began worshipping Him more on the spot… It’s still dark though but I did not let that keep me from singing His praise out.. The other important part i forgot was after the songs or maybe during…that calmness and peace came on my whole chest, so no more pains and discomfort 😇😂😂🙌. That was it….

NOW this morning after I shared the testimony with my family in fellowship, my dad said “it’s good to listen to and obey the Holy spirit when He talks to you – I had the compulsion around 1 am to go to the sitting room and pray, which I did and after praying, decided to read my bible. Let us Thank God for everything and for saving Israel and not letting us have a cause to weep”

Shared by Israel Odupitan in video messages


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