Archive | November 14, 2016

“Come, Talk To Me “.. Jesus

Jesus- King in Exile

So I asked Jesus:  “Am I ok, Love?”  and this is what I heard in my spirit:
Jesus:  ” Are you trying to make peace?  To be encouraging – hopeful – to give others?  
You looked at Me and cried before – feeling so lonely to be without Me – It hit you so suddenly even with the distractions you had today – What does that tell you, beloved?  Your heart is Mine!  We are never separated – you have not separated from Me, have you?
Just because you are trying to make the day work { in My will } it does not mean you are away from Me – Do  you think…you could get away …  ?  I see your heart, and as I said in “He and I” –  If I can put up with you, can you put up with you?
So do not…

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