I Need Thee Every Hour..



“I had read how one was given the advice to check in with the Lord Jesus each hour and ask His advice on ‘how’ they were doing – so I asked Him this am at 11:09 – and the following went through me..:

To Jesus:  “My Love, I want You to be pleased with me each hour – but I know how faulty I am -“
Jesus:  “Yes, beloved – ask Me each hour if you are giving Me joy – simply without anxiety – you are willing to listen to Me – I see this – you want to do what is right to please Me – if this is your attitude then is this not what I see?  You are always with Me;  that is your desire.   I see this  so be at peace and be cheerful in serving Me.  Please Me, be kind, and know I never leave you.  (for us all!)
Patricia…..how would or could we apart from each other, after all we’ve shared?  How beloved?   I love you!
To Jesus:  Oh Beloved Jesus – “The pain today – it seems to get worse lately (my back and knees) But I have offered all to You in my morning offering { Oh Jesus, I unite all my actions to Your Heartbeats to do the will of the Father in Heaven on earth, especially for conversions– (This is what I say each day to Him.)}
Jesus:  “Again ,beloved , have you given Me the day? Have you purposefully left Me or not wanted to do My will-  just ask yourself.  Remember what I said in He and i ?  “If I can put up with you, can you put up with you?  Be of good heart – I see your efforts even in your discomforts and I collect all.   Nothing escapes Me. Keep going, I am with you always.  I love you.”    {for all!}
Shared by Patricia Owens

4 thoughts on “I Need Thee Every Hour..

  1. I asked Him to please let me open blindly to whatever He wanted to show me from His words in “He and I”, that goes along with what He spoke to you in this dialogue you shared with us. Here’s what He gave me! :-):
    “This morning you discovered how a sacrifice joyously made is no longer a sacrifice. It is only what one refuses that is costly. What one does half-heartedly. So up with your cross on your shoulder, and on your way! Near Me; always nearer to Me. Each thought for Me; it’s like your gaze lost in Mine. Give Me a look of tender confidence. I have confidence in you, and yet, how little you are! So you may well put your trust in Me, the Infinite, the All Powerful…”


  2. Oh thanks so much Lisa! If even one soul comes closer and opens up to His wonderful mercy and kindness then I will always share..I am blessed to see Angel lights since the 70’s and there was one ,a very little one in white that flashed on the page…they do that sometimes..always makes me so happy to see that! I see them when deep in prayer and my lovely picture of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin painted in by the artist Villa comes so alive, like 3D..His eyes change and there are soft lights about Him…I have soft music on and go deep into prayer. If He did not give me a special grace with all this, I would be under the table in the kitchen! My Kitchen Jesus and my Kitchen prayers. Lol! Ok, God love and bless you all and all dear to your hearts. He is so kind family. So kind and wants you to Talk to Him! Tell Him everything..and yes, I wish the whole world would read He and I after Scripture! One can obtain this awesome book from: amazon.com It will be the delight of your day to read such loving words of mercy and love and kindness from our Jesus of Mercy. Patricia

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  3. this has given me hope and purpose Lisa as i to suffer greatly and have given it to the lord however i wish there were times when the lord would take mercy on me and heal me with a “enough is enough your finished David, your healed and another will step up to the gap” but then i fall back to reality. keep doing what you do, it holds us all up, thanks David

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  4. Update 11/13/16.. our Sister Patricia received this today from the Lord as she continues to live in Him moment by moment:
    I ASKED JESUS: “Am I ok, Love? and this is what I heard in my spirit” +

    JESUS: ” Are you trying to make peace? To be encouraging – hopeful – to give ..that..to others?
    You looked at Me and cried before – feeling so lonely to be with Me – It hit you so suddenly even with the distractions you had today – What does that tell you, beloved? Your heart is Mine! We are never separated – you have not separated from Me, have you?
    Just because you are trying to make the day work { in My will } it does not mean you are away from Me – Do you think…you could. . . get away … ? I see your heart, and as I said in He and i – “If I can put up with you, can you put up with you?

    So do not become discouraged or dismayed ever – if we look at each other with so much love….. Do you ever have to doubt we are together? I never leave you – never leave Me – And this is for ALL – Come! Talk to Me.

    I love you – ” Your Jesus +

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