“Rise Above- Love!”

I drifted back to sleep (this was around 5:00 am)   and waking back up again, I heard our Lord again say to me, “Have Your way with Me, this Day”    and I knew this is what He wanted me to pray.. that He would have His way with Me, and when He said, “this Day”, He meant not only “day” as in this day (Sunday) but also the “day” of my life that He has allotted me.

Jesus- King in Exile


Early this morning before awaking, I heard our Lord speak deep within my heart.    I know it was Him because even though He was using my own thoughts, the words spoken were being spoken TO me, and not my own mind thinking them up.

He even caught me off guard, as I usually don’t hear Him speak more than one or two words on certain occasions. My mind is always so active that I often hear only my own thoughts, and am not internally quiet enough to hear Him alone.

Well this morning, He spoke the following message to me:   “Rise above these earthly matters and concerns.  Rise above–  Love!”    

I laid there thinking on what I heard Him say, and then wondered if He was referring to all the many worries and concerns I have over things to happen in my future..  financial concerns I have.,  health concerns…

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3 thoughts on ““Rise Above- Love!”

  1. wonderful…thanks for sharing! In He and I He says to Gabrielle: It seems like your own thoughts, (when He is speaking to us) but are we not One? Can you act like you believe? Also He says. Tell others to talk to Me! { I just love that! } God bless and love you and yours..Patricia { or just Pat..lol! }

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    • I recall Him saying that to her ,Sis! Yes, and I found out after reading that how very true that is.. it does seem like your own thoughts but they aren’t.. I was even interrupted by Him too when He again said,”Rise!” more emphatically… I love how He speaks too.. wow!!

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