Only Jesus


Last week I had a dream or a vision of sorts while I was still half awake/half asleep in bed before getting up for work.     I saw a scene of my overpacked armoire closet stuffed with my clothes that I just changed over for the season (Here in the East Coast, we have 4 seasons and we have to put away our Summer clothes to get ready for the colder change in temperatures.)

I saw my stuffed closet in this vision and on top of the rack of clothes was a little butter yellow book with the words, “Only Jesus” on it, written in attractive script lettering.      My eyes went to the book which I pulled out of the closet to take a closer look, and then the vision ended.     And then the old hymn, “Only Jesus” came before me as I pondered the dream.     The verses read something like this:   “I’ve found a refuge from life’s care in Jesus;  I am hiding in His love divine;  He fully understands My soul’s deep longing, and He whispers softly, “Thou Are Mine”   Only Jesus, Only Jesus., Only He can satisfy;  Every trial becomes a blessing, when My Savior Lord is nigh.” 

And I knew my Lord was reminding me to keep focus on Him above all things. … above Everything as only He satisfies our souls longings.   Another thing that caught my attention in this vision was the color of that book being a soft butter yellow with attractive lettering.     You see, several years ago He spoke to me through a necklace hanging in that very armoir that has the words, “Be Mine” on it. It is the same color with attractive lettering.    I was looking for that necklace to wear with an outfit I would wear and those words “jumped out” at me as I saw that necklace, and I heard His voice speak those same words to me in my heart..     The closet itself is significant because the doors represent a “coming out” …   Hearing His voice call us individiually , one by one to Himself, and us not only hearing Him ,but coming OUT of where we are to Him.. to become HIS alone.   The verse in that hymn, “He whispers softly, “Thou Art Mine”  was further confirmation and reminder for me.

6 thoughts on “Only Jesus

  1. What a beautiful vision this is. yes, we are all comming to be His and His alone for His glory. As He give us assignments and ministry to performed on His name. May the Glory of God be seen by all who is looking for intimacy of Him be shine upon their lifes and many graces also.
    In the Love of Jesus, Vianni

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  2. Thanks for sharing this also Sis…. encouraging to us all. We all learn to come closer to Our Jesus of Love and Mercy. He is so there..and so sweet to souls. If only they would open up to Him! And let Him in their hearts trusting. And I wish the whole world would read He and I….oh their hearts would melt with so much love from Him! Love you..God bless you and all dear to your dear heart love…P

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  3. Lisa, these little Love Bites are proper nourishment for each of us. He knows just how much we need and how much we can do at a time.
    Love your ”notes” from our Bridegroom. Thank you and please keep sharing these wonderful little snatches of Love that speak volumes to the Bride(s)
    Thanks, dear sister in Christ. Love you

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  4. GOD bless ya, that is a very deep and beautiful vision , how blessed you are to have that vision , JESUS is coming soon and yes as you said HE is calling each of us , one by one TO REPENT AND OBEY.


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