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God’s Power Shown After Prayer



“My husband just went through the same thing. He had a minor stroke 2 weeks ago and after they sent him home he kept having TIA’s for the entire week and they could not find the cause and he ended up with another stroke last Saturday. He was in the emergency room and not getting any better when a friend of his from church and I prayed for him while he was getting a current CT. When they wheeled him back into the room I smelled frankincense coming from my purse (apparently I had a bottle of anointing oil in my purse that I wasn’t aware of) as the bottle must have started leaking. We decided to anoint him with the oil while the doctors and nurses where fussing over him on his right side

I anointed the damaged and lifeless left side of him. Within 3 minutes the stroke symptoms disappeared and he was able to speak again! Hallelujah! Of course the doctor and nurse didn’t make the connection but we knew. Also, the enemy attacked my dog for the second time last night with a violent seizure. I also took her to the vet and they can’t find anything wrong with her either. We are fighting for our lives now more than ever and we can’t stop praying for each other.  Our prayers are more precious than gold!

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He Makes A Way of Escape



I was told after a dream of a man chasing me to kill me . angry and hate was in his look and words .. I kept on running from him .  The second time I was fleeing him i wondered why the hate-  I had done nothing.   He was squashed by a giant window frame that fell out on him and I passed through, getting away..  I looked behind me as he screamed he hated me and wanted to hurt me.  I woke up to the Lord telling me the Enemy hates you but I have made a way evereytime for you to escape.

Glory to GOD. amen .

Shared by Gloria marquez in video comments