Moses -The Intercessor


This is Moses with the two tablets of the Ten Commandments descending Mount Sinai. He is painted as shown by the Father.  But Clare has met him in heaven. He is of dark complexion. The ravine on Mount Sinai is now paved with stones up to what is now a stone arch marking the route. It is clearly a tourist route now. This took approximately six sittings in order to get the detail in the figure and the background. But the most revealing correction from my incorrect assumption, was the rod of Moses. It was straight as a rod, not tapered at the bottom or crooked like a branch made into a stick.

So this is how he actually looked in the context of Exodus 31 verse 18. The commandments were written with the finger of God. They were re made by God after Moses threw them in anger and dismay at the base of the mountain – Exodus 32 verse 19, when he saw that Aaron and the Israelites had broken the laws by creating and worshipping a golden calf and other transgressions – Exodus 34 verse 1.

Editors note.., Moses was actually an intercessor … a big time intercessor for the entire nation of Israel.    He often appealed before the Father for the disobedient people of Isreal, asking the Lord for mercy for them..,   even that the Lord would take away from HIM, so that the disobedient Isrealites would be spared.     This is what our Lord is asking us to also do..    to intercede for this disobedient nation and joyfully drinking our cup of suffering for the spiritual good of those who truly need spiritual intervention.    Moses offered his own life for the Isrealites..   and they truly didn’t deserve it.    This is why Moses was considered God’s Friend..  not just a servant of God, but His intimate Friend.   This is what it means to be chosen by our Lord to dwell in His tent with Him.

Shared by Guy Jones


3 thoughts on “Moses -The Intercessor

  1. Excellent story and excellent points on The Ancient, Holy One’s. These friends of God have been my inspiration since my teen years. Even though as a cradle Catholic and my closest friends were always The Angels and Saints. More than that I sought a close, intimate friendship with God. In my childhood mind, like Adam and Eve, I knew, I truly believed if I hung out in the convent garden enough and waited on the Lord, He would show up. Well, he did, The Holy Spirit was always with me and Jesus and The Father all became exceedingly real to me. As a third grader I distinctly remember a windy fall afternoon where I was praying mentally and walking the exterior halls and a wind blew up a discarded paper that I knew was for me. Picking it up and then carefully reading the first Word; Love. “I may be able to speak the languages of men and even of angels, but if I have not Love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell.” Well, then the next year’s Poetry contest gave me an opportunity to recognize another personal gift from above. When I unintentionally won this assignment which turned into an award for me from all the sisters. It was a poster, also from Corinthians13:1-13. However, I still have the original paper, which must’ve been torn out of a catechism story book or perhaps a missalete? It didn’t refer to the Scripture as I had prayed nearly (3) three year’s to know What and Who are you? I am LOVE. It simply said; Love, Love. This was a huge Gift and the rest is, well history. Huge turning point was to discover Daniel and his dietary fasting, but moreover the awesome Canticle 2:37-3:1-33: of which I’m often praying as a go to prayer in lieu of litanies. It is the quintessential Praising prayer.
    Anyways, yes, I often pray for guidance and encouragement from Daniel, Job, Paul and Peter. Well, they’re all awesome and they understand this life below and are always happy to help.


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