Archive | September 23, 2016

Make Me Holy



Spirit of Burning, Come!

On Your altar, precious Lord, I lay down all there is of me.

Try me, O God, and know my heart. I gladly yield to the searchlight of Your Spirit.

I surrender, Lord. At last I give in. Blessed Spirit of God, have Your way.

I lay down my life a living sacrifice for You, Lord. How can I do less when You laid down Your life for me?

Satisfy this yearning of my soul, this hunger which You have created.

My God, all-consuming Fire, Lord God of Elijah who answers by fire, come fall upon the altar and

consume all my darkness.

Let the fire fall!Spirit of Burning, come!Purge and purify my soul. Penetrate the deepest recesses of my heart, dividing between soul and spirit.

Sift me and separate all that is of self from that which is truly You, Lord.

Shake me and shake me again until only that which cannot be shaken may remain.

It is Your goodness, Lord, that has brought me to repentance, that has given me these tears.

How I love Your deep dealings with me, for I can trust You whatever You may do.

As I seek You with fasting, on my face before You, I yearn to be like You, Lord Jesus.

I weep, I mourn over the sin which still so easily besets me; it has long grieved You, and now it grieves me too.

So great is the intensity of my desire to be like You, Lord Jesus, that it hurts.

Lord, hear the cry of my heart as I call out to You from the very depths of my being. I ask You for

grace to yield to the mighty working in me of Your Spirit.

Dear Lord Jesus, You baptise with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Baptise me now into the fire of Your Spirit, that He may burn all soulishness out of me.

Conform everything in me to Your image, Lord. Set my heart free from self; burn up every trace of sin.

Refining Fire, go through and through my heart purging out the dross until only the purest gold

remains. Then shall I be able to offer unto You, Lord, an offering in righteousness with clean hands and a pure heart.

Make holy and set me apart – a vessel unto honour, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use.

O sacred Fire of God, kindle in me a flame which burns with Your love for the lost.

Touch my lips, Lord, with a coal from off Your altar. Cause me to speak only the words which You give, for they are Spirit and they are life.

Break my  self-centredness; melt the hardness of my heart. Anoint my eyes that Your love may shine through.


From the Holy Spirit to a Heart Dweller (not the editor)