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My Darling Bridegroom

more than you can ever know

My dearest Darling Bridegroom, my God and my King,

I love You so much, my Darling YAHUSHUA,

Pls. forgive me for this late affirmation of my love,

You are my first true love in my life, I have given everything for You,

I trust in You… I trust in You. Pls. erase Your doubt, My trust in You is 100 %.


I love You so much,

Please erase Your doubt,

I love You so dearly, just as You dearly love me.

We know each other so well,

We enjoy each other’s presence in my daily meditation,

You showed me many wonderful things in heaven,

I thank You so much.


I love You so much,

Thank You so much for Your everlasting love,

My journey of Holiness was not easy indeed,

But with my genuine love for You, I persevere and conquer every obstacle,

See what really love, divine love can do,

For divine love is the highest vibration of love.

I love You so much, I acknowledge, I am Your true Bride,

My advanced spiritual experiences manifested this, So amazing it is to know that We Are All One,

In divine love, divine joy, and divine peace,

All divine beings in heaven is waiting, For the Wedding of the Supper of the Lamb.

composed by: True Higher Self Your true Bride

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