He Did This For Me♥



I want to let you all know how much the Lord has changed me.  I was in a troubled marriage and I prayed that the Lord would help me change, I was selfish, short tempered, lazy, unforgiving and many more things. I prayed for months and nothing. But after Clare’s message on standing in the gap I told the Lord I would stand in the gap for souls. I also told Jesus that I place my marital problems in His hands, and I gave it to Him. 2 weeks later I found out that my wife had been unfaithful. I immediately forgave her, without thought i forgave her for everything. We talked and we both agreed that we can make it work, I told her how I prayed for us and that as soon as i found out what had happened that the Lord had given me what I needed to change. I didnt feel anger, i didnt feel the need for revenge, I didnt judge her, and I forgave her! HE DID THIS FOR ME, HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS! And the pain i was in was offered to the Lord for souls, talk about a perfect plan!!!! 3 weeks later, my wife and I are talking like we never have before, my love for her is beyond anything i have felt for her in the past. I told her about my prayers and that I have been praying for her, now I have to talk to her about repenting to Jesus. Please pray for us and please do not ever doubt in the Lord, He has everything under control! I was able to heal my marriage, myself, and also suffer for the Lord all at the same time. His perfection is beyond words, a few months ago my wife was in sin and I was afraid I would lose her both on Earth and in Heaven. Jesus has prevailed!! God bless you all!!!!

~Shared by Anthony in video comments


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