“None But The Righteous ♦”


more than you can ever know

Sister Clare,

on the 21 July 2016; I was given a dream from God between 5:00pm-5:30pm:

I was asleep in my bed laying in the fetal posirion, I saw myself laying asleep. The scene changed and I was in a different room but in my bed. A man who l knew was Jesus came and laid beside me. Jesus was very gentle and loving as he held me. I felt safe and protected. Jesus told me that I was His bride and I sat up and put my head on his chest.

Jesus took my hand and told me he was going to put a ring on my finger. I looked and there was a beautiful ring on my finger. Even though my finger is little, the ring fitted perfectly and it was gold with diamonds. I was happy as I accepted with joy. Jesus joyful as well with a boyish-type smile. Then Jesus started singing, ” None but the righteous.”

Jesus has a beautiful voice that was more than one. I started singing with Jesus and he really put his heart in the song and I woke up!! My sister I felt a peace beyond words and I felt Jesus holy spirit strong upon me, Amen.

Then early Saturday morning I received a YouTube message to share with you my dream and share this message with you, ” Clarion Call.”

~Shared by Ramona McFann in comments

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