Vision- Pray For What is To Come


I don’t have a YouTube channel but I haved used this channel to share some of my visions and dreams . I have been part of Heartdweller Family over a year already. Previously under one Clare’s videos I posted a VISION given to me on June 4 which confirms your message today. Here it is again.

June 4- VISION: with my eyes closed I see an image of Capitol building the ones with Rotunda and I see several explosions targeting that building and then I see a bomb hitting right in the center of Rotunda of Capitol building which made the building collapse then Vision ends. It was not revealed to me which Capitol building of what US city this was going to take place. it could also be used as symbolism to signify the destruction of Washington DC , Capital of USA or the upcoming war against USA: judgement against Babylon. Father God have mercy on the citizens of this country . I know your judgement of this country is upon us , may the wicked ones repent of their evil ways. May the ignorant , open their eyes of what’s coming and make their paths straight in preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus before it’s too late as the Doors of Mercy are closing. In Jesus Name I pray for America and nations of the world . Amen!

Shared by Angel Texas in video comments

3 thoughts on “Vision- Pray For What is To Come

  1. This reminds me of my dream shared by Clare a few months ago. I too saw Washington DC in destruction. The White House was destroyed, but still some areas standing. There was a soldier putting their flag up in the roof of what was left of the White House. While this is going on, the general has a notebook from were he is explaining me what is going on with the war. He had a uniform and I couldn’t tell you from what nation it was. Everything was written in that notebook like all was scripted on how things were going to happen during the war. In the meantime I see a bookcase coming in and out of my talk with the general. It happened like three times until the bookcase stop. I was able now to read the tittles of the book. The bookcase had 3 shelves. Many small books in the upper and lower shelf but the middle shelf had five big, huge books and their tittles are:Book of Life, Book of Tears, Book of Remembrance, Book of Truth and the Book of The Living. This are book in heaven and then a voice told me “IS TIME TO OPEN THEM”. The dream was on October 12,2014. I made a small drawing on how the bookshelf looks like.
    Lets all be ready, emotionally, physically and above all spiritually repenting and seeking and intimacy with the Lord. May the Lord find you doing His business when He comes fro His Bride.
    Peace be with you all.

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  2. Thank you Angel, never hesitate to share what the Holy Spirit has shown you. Children of Christ can discern what is genuine and what is fabrication. When you share a vision, you open your spiritual eyes and subsequently pass your vision to the body of Christ, then the Bride will see. Visions, dreams and direct instruction from our precious savior, when shared becomes instruction for His church.
    Thank you so much, more confirmation…TIME IS UP.

    God Bless all Heartdwellers & God bless the Bride!!

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