He Will Come in the Clouds

Last night I went out to look at the moon, and hang out with the racoons and my cats
for a bit. The moon was bright, and the clouds were lit up in a perfect filled circle under it
that was maybe 10x the size of the moon. Like a spotlight on the clouds, and the
clouds were pretty much stopped or moving so slowly, I couldn’t tell…..
When I looked, I was stumped…. I saw what appeared to be a profile of a man Praying,
when this happened, I was trying to understand if this is what I saw, or if it was me
making it look like that… a few seconds later, it was crystal clear and clearly a man
Praying from the side perfectly inside this large circle of light from the moon. There
were no clouds where the man and his hands were, and it was frozen that way,
with the moon just above his hands.
I immediately ran in to get my camera, because it was so clear!!!!! When I came
back out, poof, it was gone with no trace of it. I felt like a fool for trying to
get “proof” of a gift from God! lol I always think of my daughters when these things
happen, and want to be able to show them but, at the same time, it’s a personal gift
from God, I should relax, and enjoy it when It happens!
That was my Father’s day gift! How amazing is He?
God Bless all!
Mike F.

One thought on “He Will Come in the Clouds

  1. Happy Dad’s day! Father gives His children proof of His love for them hundreds of times each day. What an amazing, merciful and very loving Father we have!! There He goes again, He just showed us His love once more……..just read my comment!!

    Happy Father’s Day, God, from your loving children!!


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