“In the Midst of Your Day, Tell Me You Love Me”




He gave me a message just now..well at 12.42 pm…I had some interruptions so I could not get this to you right away….how sweet is our Jesus..wow.  So here is what He said for He knows I had tears and such longing to be with Him, { as do others, by al l means }!!  +  and He gave me this.  Precious…  June 14th, 2016 at 12:42 pm:

 “Ah, Patricia!  How I love so very much, with a special affection, My faithful ones!  They who love Me in reparation for those who do not love Me, or want to know Me.  How consoling is this love of My faithful beloveds!  This remembrance of Me…. That in the midst of your day you remember to tell Me you love Me – Know My love for all of you, but especially, for those who long to be with Me with all their hearts – I am always with you, waiting for a word or thought of love from your heart to My Heart on fire with love – for all mankind.  Come!  All!
My Heart awaits all of you.
Shared by Patricia Owens

One thought on ““In the Midst of Your Day, Tell Me You Love Me”

  1. Oh Patricia! How lovely this is! Thank you so much for sharing. Jesus encourages me like this… and every word He speaks is soooo precious! Thank you for all the beautiful things you share with us. You are such an encouragement to me.

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