Our Lord’s Grief



Last night I came into prayer rather heavy hearted over the tragedy in Orlando and just the state of the world in general. Sometimes I don’t get to give all of myself to Him in prayer as consistently as I might like (I have 3 kids and my youngest is 8 mos and starting to crawl) but I try to maintain a constant dialouge with Jesus throughout the day and make it a habit to at least try and worship once a day. Usually I come into worship feeling down and expecting not to feel Him for not being consistent, but everytime I can feel and sense His presence immediately and begin to cry because of His faithfulness and mercy…

Well, I went into worship shortly after prayer last night feeling very heavy and I couldn’t feel or sense the Lord at all. He just was not responding to me which was very unusal. I became very discouraged by this, thinking, “Maybe I did something wrong?” Nevertheless I continued in worship… About 20 mins in I began to finally feel the Lord. He was completely devestated, worn out, and dispirited. Just torn apart inside and riddled with grief. Then I saw Him. he was laying on my lap and could barely move. It almost seemed like he was dieing from the inside. I was moved with compassion for the Lord and began rubbing his hair and trying to comfort him but he was just weighted down by sadness and grief that nothing I did seemed to help at all. I began to hold his face in my hands and tell him that he was holy and we loved Him. His eyes were closed and he seemed just sick with grief. It was really heartbreaking… I wanted to stay longer in worship but my baby woke up at this point so I needed to tend to him. I wish I could’ve done something more to help him feel better but it didn’t seem like anything could console him.  Even what I’ve written does not justice in describing the amount of grief and sadness I saw in Him. Family, the Lord needs us in this hour. He needs us to stay awake with him and watch with him. he needs our comfort and our worship… We couldn’t begin to imagine the brokenness He feels over what must happen in the world shortly… 😥

Oh gosh, our Jesus… Please Lord, let us comfort you. Create in us a desire stronger than anything we’ve ever known, to serve you. Give us a burden for this nation and the lost. Oh Jesus, how can we bring joy to your heart in this dark hour. show us Lord. We love you, Jesus. We love you so very very much. 😥

Shared by Tiara Arzillo in video comments

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