Loving ALL of Jesus



Zipporah Mushala

Yesterday,I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in a vision of the day.I was in fellowship with the Lord when I just saw him in front of me. The Lord was smiling as he was looking and me and he said,”Thank you for loving me.” I was surprised and I told him, “But Lord,anyone can love you,you are so good! Its easy to love you!” I did not expect the response he gave me.He said,”Not everyone loves me fully,some people choose which parts of me to love.For example,they choose to love the part that I give blessings or the part that I answer prayer.They only choose to love that part but when I tell them that I also want holiness,they reject that part about me.They HATE that part of me because it requires them to sacrifice their worldly pleasures.They just want the good things and reject some parts like :  that as a true Christian, you will face many trials and tribulations on this earth including being hated by many and this you have to overcome. So that is why I am saying to you,Thank you,because you have loved ALL of me. The Lord looked emotionally moved to tears because of knowing that many people in the world do not love all of him.
Many people and in fact the majority of the world reject holiness.If you are still defending some things saying they are not sin just because you love them,just know that you hate some parts of the Lord.You hate some parts of Jesus.It may sound bad but it is the truth. People like to use the phrase we are saved by grace to justify their sin. Ephesians 2 says we are saved by grace. Being saved by grace simply means that we were saved by God when we did nothing to deserve being saved. We were sinners so we did not even deserve his salvation. Out if his tender mercies, He saved us by his grace (undeserved kindness). Ephesians 2:10 then says, Now that we have been saved when we did not deserve it,( by grace), we are his WORKMANSHIP to produce GOOD WORKS. We have to be Holy led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is Holy and will not lead someone to do worldly things….”
~Zipporah Mushala

2 thoughts on “Loving ALL of Jesus

  1. This morning while looking out of my window at the rising Sun, I noticed how brilliant it was… how it shone so much brighter than other mornings.. not merely peeking behind clouds, but truly illuminating the surrounding sky with it’s brilliance. It was not glaring or harsh on the eyes, as it was freshly rising from the horizon.

    The Holy Spirit spoke to me regarding this.. (without words, but as only He can) that this morning Sun in all it’s brilliance, is not always received by man. We often prefer it be shielded with clouds blocking it., and this is how we also are with Jesus… preferring to see only part of His total Light, but not ready or willing to receive ALL of His Light.. all of Him.

    Let us examine our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit for deliverance in those parts of us that prefer not to embrace Jesus in His fullness.., so that we can , by degrees, fully receive ALL He wants to teach us . Not to take it the wrong way as condemnation, but to gradually receive all of His Truth for our complete transformation into His likeness.. one degree at a time”


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