“Love Is Who I Am”, Says the Father


The Father says today that your times are in My hand. It isn’t up to man or even ultimately up to you what happens next. I am a sovereign God, and in My sovereignty I have loved you and will continue to love you with My everlasting love. My love is a certainty that will stand when all of creation has been folded up like a garment and cast away. My love for you will burn as brightly eons from now as it did the moment the nails pierced My hands and My feet. I love you, because I love you, because I love you and I will keep on loving you. Your calling in life and role in the earth is to know My love and become acquainted with My love and to be the beloved. Before any other purpose comes online in the agenda I have destined for you – love comes first. So go out in your day today and simply be My beloved. I am not interested in any sacrifice or assignment or task in your day that does not proceed out of the overwhelming response of your heart to My love. Love is who I am says the Father. Love is what I do. Love is why I came here and love is why I will never leave you and never forsake you. There is no human measurement on any scale that can scarcely conceive of the breadth, depth and height of My love for you. You are loved. You are surrounded with love. I’ve got you surrounded says the Father – you might as well give up and just be loved today.

Shared by Connie Harding in video comments

2 thoughts on ““Love Is Who I Am”, Says the Father

  1. Wow!… I’m in tears! I believe God sent this one my way for a reason today! I’ve been struggling with who I am and how He loves me so much! I just don’t feel it. My name is Amanda which means worthy of love it I don’t usually feel it. My birthday is June 5th! And this was posted on it! I’m asking Jesus to now come and spend time with me I need Him! I’m not sure how to have such a wonderful visitation from my Savior but I would love to! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


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