He will Come In the Clouds



Hi beautiful family in THE LORD YAHSHUA, I would like to share a vision and a dream that THE LORD YAHSHUA gave me on 05/25/2016:

I had a vision of a earthquake but it was in the mountains but I also saw lots of waves higher than the mountains. Then on May 26/2016; I had a dream, I was outside somewhere and there was a lot of people, when I saw THE LORD YAHSHUA walking up like to the sky, and there was clouds, beautiful clouds and the clouds started to open a entrance to a stairway, and when I saw THE LORD, HE saw me too but I started telling everyone : THE LORD YAHSHUA is up there and when the people turn to look , HE turned too and walked even faster like trying to avoid people from looking at HIM.  HE walked up to the stairway and the clouds were closed behind THE LORD.

When I woke up, I got so happy because I saw THE LORD YAHSHUA, but I ask him why HE walked away and not stay down with us? I have no answer yet. Now I am sad, perhaps we are not ready yet for HIM. Well I do not know. May GOD bless you all in YAHSHUA’S NAME AMEN!

Shared by Sylvia Taylor in video comments


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