Seeing Jesus in Prayer to Our Father

Jesus- King in Exile


A few days ago I was reading an entry from Sister Faustina’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul” of a vision she was given of Jesus praying to His and our Father in Heaven.    I was so struck by it, as she received a glimpse of how One He is with the Father… and the unity and love They share..   I wanted to share it here:

“Holy Hour-  Thursday, during the hour of prayer, Jesus allowed me to enter  the *Cenacle (*Cenacle – an old word meaning the room where Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples), and I was a witness to what happened there.  However, I was most deeply moved when , before the consecration, Jesus raised His eyes toward Heaven and entered into a mysterious conversation with His Father.  It is only in Eternity that we shall really understand that moment.  His eyes were…

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