Praying for the World- Part II



Hi all to my brothers and sisters in Christ..


Have been a little under the weather the last 3 days. Was in bed this afternoon (just felt very drowsy), and after a short time had a picture/vision of learning to fly an aeroplane, taking off over some hills and buildings. I got the sense it represented Jesus asking me to let Him “take control” -so I did.


Then I had fleeting picture of refugees(?) Groups of people dressed Arabic style walking…, and one woman (plus many more) had lost her children and lost hope. I could see what she was wearing, a long light blue garment, sandals. So I prayed for the group.

Next was a distinct picture of a camel and a woman riding with the black head to toe garment, so prayed for the Bedouin/nomadic  Arabic people. For all the women, children and men.


Then, a sense to pray for Russian people, then North Korean! It was quite productive…..The rest of the time worship songs of different sorts were going through my head…

So restful, but useful! Got up feeling better too…


A very different approach that I will remember now, rather than thinking random thoughts, as you do when you are not sleeping., and it’s not like I was looking to hear from Jesus, I just did…

Years ago as a new Christian and intercessor, I used to be able to picture who I was praying for, even if I had no idea where their country even was!

Shared by Gill Knox on 4/17/16- the weekend of the tragic  Japanese and Ecuadorian Earthquakes

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