Prophetic Dream



ive had many dreams but I wanted to share this today.

I was on my way to a public pool (I don’t swim in public pools,i think this was showing me the time around it would happen) on a beautiful normal day and all of a sudden with no warning a huge wave hit us.  I  fought to stay above water with no luck, as  I was giving up and said its time for me to go home and die.  I survived as I knew it was because of Christ. As I finally got on dry ground, there was marshal law. I  went back for my phone for my music on it and as I was going told my family to go to the mountains- id meet them there. I was shot and thought I was dead by a man and I guess just stunned. I got up to run and they caught me to kill me on national tv.  They wanted me to deny Christ or be shot to death.  I wouldn’t and as I was getting ready to be shot all their guns jammed and I was free again.  I ran and it was all over they were looking for me.  I had family flee as I knew they would catch me and I’d die but wanted them safe.

end of dream

Shared by Tammy Deihl in video comments



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