Deliverance From Collision: Praise Report


Yesterday morning I was almost killed in traffic, me and my son. I want to copy and paste,what happened here…. I also, want you to know, last night I stayed home from work because I needed just to be about my house, slow down and listen to His voice. Then, this morning I get another confirmation in this video of my day yesterday. Here’s what happened in traffic… ….so, Proof of Prayer….

This morning I needed to take my son, Joshua, to HMNS for his STAAR exam. On route to the museum I am at Binz and 288. I have the green light. I go through. … in my peripheral vision, out my driver’s side window, I see a truck coming at me. I call out the name of Jesus, no time to react. Brace upon impact.

I see in a flash the truck whizzing by in my rear view mirror. I know it was the grace of God that saved my son and me. I should be dead. Feels like time stood still and instead of impact, I’m in the next frame of life checking myself as to how did I get to this spot? God did it. His angels rescued us….pushed us up a second more out of the way.

This morning as I was getting dressed doing my hair, makeup, I stopped to praise God and thank Him for my day. I like when I’m in real time and the next moment I’m exulting God the Father on High. This morning, as I was praising God, the Holy Spirit descended and I found myself holding my heart and swaying to the music which reverberates around me. It’s the most precious moments of total ecstacy with God. ….I see clearly my God and Savior, Christ Jesus, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, …. Thank you, Lord! Ani LeDodi ve Dodi Li (I am my beloved ‘ s and my beloved is mine.)

Shared by Natividad Arreaga in video comments



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