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Consoling our Lord: A Vision from Him

We spent some very romantic time with the Lord today. I came into prayer just to be with Him and love Him and really wanted to distract Him away from the sorrows and offered Him to run away somewhere with me escaping from the reality of the world together. And in that very instance I started seeing a vision of us sailing in a boat down a river with water lilies all over the water, Jesus was paddling towards the shore, smiling at me. We were both dressed in the 19th century style clothes, I also had a light white umbrella in my hand (the one they used from the sun). I touched the water. It felt so nice. When He stepped out on the shore, He took my hand gently and helped me to get out of the boat and picked me up in His hands and started carrying towards the wood where there had already been prepared everything for a picnick. As we sat down I saw squirrels running down to me one by one, I was so cought up and amazed as I always wanted to feed them on the earth but they would never come close enought… and here they came right into my hands without a hint of a fear of man and I began crying from happiness, because everything what was happening felt to be real indeed and the feelings I had were very very real! Jesus was sitting beside me watching my joy from feeding the squirrels))) I was like a little child))) When I finished, I saw a delicious looking cream cake but all I could really think about was Jesus and the only desire I had was to cuddle into His arms and to gently love Him with all of my heart, soul, mind and strenght. He hugged me and helped me with the cake from His hand and then I took another piece and helped Him too. I forgot myself in that moment. It was Heavenly…
God bless,
Shared by Olga  Svarychevskaya

“This is My New World..”



I see green meadows, such a colorful light,

I keep on walking still carried by His might,

I hear giggles of kids, what have they found?

Surreal sublime content is just all around.

So many smiling faces all come in glee,

The cheer, the laughter, free-er than free

Singing and dancing, all around one Man,

I take a few steps forward, and then I ran.

We all come together, no color no race,

Our Shepard, our Savior, our only true Ace,

No hatred, no pain, no evil, no shame,

No tears, no fears, no aches, no blame,

Promotion day is here, I share it with you,

This is my new World, it can be yours too.


Shared by Ken Beal in video comments

Sharing in His Sufferings



This is one of my TESTIMONIES .

I said to myself one day ,WHY AM I GOING THROUGH ALL THIS.  IMMEDIATELY , I HEARD AN AUDIBLE VOICE as if someone was standing in front of me saying , “JESUS WENT THROUGH IT , YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT ALSO”



Shared by Patrick Anderson in video comments


The Storm About to Start


I feel led to share the vision I had yesterday.

I was in heaven and Jesus and I were standing on the edge of  Heaven holding hands.  I noticed I was wearing a white robe like him and I had a engagement ring on and I knew I had on a crown and I knew it was beautiful but could not see or feel it.     I bowed to Him and as he raised me up I realized that the crown stayed exactly on my head.   When He stood me up we looked out to the clouds and saw only a gigantic storm above the earth. He told me it’s right there about to start and to not let go of him for anything and we will be alright.  I asked if it’s really Him and he said your crying right?  You always cry when it’s me.  I agreed and asked for another confirmation so I opened face book and clicked on the first video and the announcer said this as confirmation.  The video was about  them finding things hidden in the Torah that will be this year and will start next week!!!

Shared by Tasha Miller in Video Comments

Angelic Warning



I don’t share this often,rarely I in fact.Girl angels do exist.  I was somewhere that God didn’t want me to be. They were dressed in long well covered older style frocks.   It all happened so fast.  One looked like very attractive -Italian -and the other taller very British. They weren’t Australian,however they said we know you but I didn’t know them. They basically told me to get out of where I was.  I turned for a second and they were gone.  I looked for them and were nowhere to be seen. I believe they were Angels. Never seen them since.

It happen so suddenly.  These girls came up to me and questioned me “what are you doing here?” We know you and what you do”. I thought to myself I don’t know you and they question me about church and they know all about me and I was  a little scared a bit. They told me to “get out” asap.  I looked up and as I turned they weren’t there. I wasn’t there to get into trouble or anything – just wasn’t appropriate for a Christian to be there. I don’t smoke or drink, am extremely mild and social drink rarely. I looked everywhere couldn’t find them. They were in their later 20’s and their  clothing was of an older style and of very high quality clothing. Italian looking,  with smallish, rounded face, darker olive skin, about 5’4″ and the British one was 5’7″ white completion with slender face. Both ladies were model class.

God Bless

Shared by Mark Warner In video comments


Restoration After the Tribulation



Hi heartdweller family. I just a moment ago had a flash. That’s what I call them. I don’t get dreams or visions of any lengths, I just get these quick pictures. I don’t get many at all, and they usually come when I need a smile or a uplift from a down feeling day. Holy Spirit nudge to share. Many of you are probably familiar with the Dawn dishsoap commercial. The one where animal victims from oil spills are cleaned up with Dawn soap then release back into the wild. Well I had a flash that after the tribulation and the earth is being restored and renewed that we will help with the reintroducing of animals back into the wild. I had to smile with that, and thought yeeaahhh! I want to be a part of that. Something to look forward to.

Shared by Marian Rystenbil in Video comments

Heavenly Encouragement



I wanted to share a dream or vision with all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I woke up today around 2:30am with a song that was being singed by angels. Girl angels. 3 of them I believe and a man angel was playing a drum. Well I have never heard angels singing before but I know in my heart that Jesus sent them and their voice was like no other and the drum had this special beat to it. Not a regular drum, it was this big round looking drum. The angels sang an entire song but I only remembered the ending when I woke up. This is what the lyrics said: “The Kingdom of God is There. “Your going to win it, your going to win it, your going to win it! Yeah!” I was so excited I woke up my husband! Lol!! Oh my goodness, talk about heavenly encouragement!

Shared by All Glory to the Lord in video comments