A Mother’s New Beginning With Jesus♥



“…I too am a work in progress. LOL. I am also one who was raised as a Catholic in Louisiana. My mother died at 95 1/2 years of age. She was a devout Catholic, but she recognized that she failed to have a relationship with Yeshua for her first 89 years. She attended an Assembly of God church with me each Sunday until her graduation. She wept during praise and worship as she felt His love and presence. This was new for her. I was privileged to see such a glorious transition before her death. She was greatly beloved and 99% of the congregation attended her homecoming celebration.

It was the love of my Pastor who visited and prayed for her daily at age 89 that brought her to Jesus and the wonderful relationship that she had. It was not my eloquence arguing doctrinal differences. LOL. It was a great blessing to pick her up every Sunday at 9am. Thank you, Elohim.

Shared by Burt Horstmann in video comments:


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s New Beginning With Jesus♥

  1. Hallelujah!!! Joy, Praise and Gratitude for the Salvation for Burt Horstmann Mother at the age of 86 Praise be to God in Jesus name.


  2. One of the greatest joys we can have is to physically witness the Holy Spirit in the eyes of Fathers children. Praise Jesus for His work within each of us. Thank you very much for sharing with us such a profound moment of our saviors mercy. Blessings Heartdwellers

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