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“And A Sword Pierced Mary’s Heart Also….”

Jesus- King in Exile

Below is an excerpt from a message Jesus gave a nun named, Sister Josefa Mendez in the last century..    a friend of mine sent me an excerpt she copied where Jesus shared with Sr. Josefa how His mother was with Jesus even in spirit , when He suffered such hate upon His scourging and execution..   To visualize this is very hard.. you just want to comfort our Lord for this memory He still has of what happened..  and how hard it was to see His mother suffer ..  ♥
JESUS:  “Angels of Heaven!  look on the God before whom you are ever prostrate in adoration . . . See the Creator of all the world’s wonders going to Calvary carrying that holy and blessed Cross on which He is to die.
Oh souls who desire to imitate Me faithfully, gaze on Me likewise:  wearily I dragged Myself forward, for My body…

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“Trim Your Lamps”



My wife and I prayed last night before we went to bed, after prayer a nice waves of warmth came over us both, and a profound since of peace! I heard clear words, that Jesus said ” trim your lamp” then he said I’m refreshing you and filling your oil!!! So I looked up trim your lamp thinking that it meant to take away! But no it to refill your lamp with oil! Praise Jesus that he put more oil in our lamps so we shine brighter than ever, so we can Go HOME with our savior Jesus Christ! Amen, family we have The Lord with US!!!

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