He Who Leads


I found myself swallowed in jealous hurt.  I read about someone who clearly had a prophetic gift, with very detailed dreams and visions learning secrets. Rather than be excited about what they had to share, to my shame, I was horrified.

Driven to my savior, I cried. Clearly I wasn’t faithful enough or smart enough or willing to give enough to have God use me to such an extent as this other person. I also knew I was wrong to want what someone else had, but it would be dishonest to deny what I was thinking. I repented and wept.  My prayers were interrupted by the needs of someone else and I came back to my conversation with the Lord a while later.
He met me with kindness before I could get myself all churned up again. I closed my eyes and there He was. He wore a dark blue suit, His hair long and pulled back at His nape. I also wore dark blue (symbolic of the midnight hour, I think, on God’s timeclock and my favorite color to wear – my impression was a two fold purpose in the color) a long, flowing gown. We were dancing, graceful, sweeping movements as the light from the golden room reflected around me, seeming to dance too. I felt safe, loved and treasured. He spoke as we danced, not missing a beat.
“YOU minister to Me. Teach others about My love and how to love Me. Comparing yourself to others is a trap that you stepped in.” He guided me easily through intricate steps I still don’t know. “You are surrounded by traps on all sides.  You keep your eyes on Me and I will show you where to step.”
I thought of my own effort to learn to dance and how I would get confused if I looked at my feet. I had to look to the one leading me to keep up.
To my thoughts, He said “Exactly.”
Shared by Rhonda J.

2 thoughts on “He Who Leads

  1. I didn’t think to mention when I wrote this that I always ask Him to confirm for me that it’s really Him I’m spending time with, rather than being deceived either by my own flesh or the adversary. So the next morning after this happened between us, I found Clare’s entry about jealousy this week. It made me tip my head back and laugh. I took that as I nice, OBVIOUS confirmation that even I couldn’t miss. He likes to surprise me and make me laugh and He did it nicely with that one.

    Rhonda J.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome! so glad you mentioned this, sister.. You hadn’t even seen Clare’s video on jealousy yet.. talk about confirmation!


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