Consoling our Lord: A Vision from Him

We spent some very romantic time with the Lord today. I came into prayer just to be with Him and love Him and really wanted to distract Him away from the sorrows and offered Him to run away somewhere with me escaping from the reality of the world together. And in that very instance I started seeing a vision of us sailing in a boat down a river with water lilies all over the water, Jesus was paddling towards the shore, smiling at me. We were both dressed in the 19th century style clothes, I also had a light white umbrella in my hand (the one they used from the sun). I touched the water. It felt so nice. When He stepped out on the shore, He took my hand gently and helped me to get out of the boat and picked me up in His hands and started carrying towards the wood where there had already been prepared everything for a picnick. As we sat down I saw squirrels running down to me one by one, I was so cought up and amazed as I always wanted to feed them on the earth but they would never come close enought… and here they came right into my hands without a hint of a fear of man and I began crying from happiness, because everything what was happening felt to be real indeed and the feelings I had were very very real! Jesus was sitting beside me watching my joy from feeding the squirrels))) I was like a little child))) When I finished, I saw a delicious looking cream cake but all I could really think about was Jesus and the only desire I had was to cuddle into His arms and to gently love Him with all of my heart, soul, mind and strenght. He hugged me and helped me with the cake from His hand and then I took another piece and helped Him too. I forgot myself in that moment. It was Heavenly…
God bless,
Shared by Olga  Svarychevskaya

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