How Jesus Died for Us

Jesus- King in Exile

Below is a very stirring article I copied from the blog, “Life in the Fast  Lane” of the physical details our Lord suffered in His body, to save us all for the Father.   These are not my words, but copied from Mr. and Mrs. Bushmiller’s blog post:

I wanted to add them here to remind us all of our Jesus, Who is not only the Son of God, but also the Son of Man.   His suffering went beyond the physical descriptions here as He suffered in His soul and spirit as well.   He still suffers in these ways and will continue to drink that Cup of suffering for the Father up to the Kingdom Age.:

“Below are facts on How Jesus Died For You. I do not think that we really understand how much Jesus did for us. Please share this post to spread the Good News of Jesus:

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One thought on “How Jesus Died for Us

  1. I just asked the Lord to give me something regarding this from His words recorded in “He and I”, and this is what I blindly opened to, after praying:

    “This morning after, Communion , you were thinking of My tortured limbs. You hailed My indescribable sufferings. You called Me, “King of Martyrs”. you kept near Me , in Me. Do the same all through the day. Take Me in any moment of My life on earth and be there, very near Me.”…

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