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His Rose



“Here is a testimony of a friend of mine, the Lord asked her to put it on paper and she desided to share it with Heartdwellers…: ”


“I was in worship with my eyes closed, praising the Lord. And then suddenly I saw a red rose with its bud tilted as if it was fading. And it was under a glass cap or a tholus. While I was mulling over the vision, I heard: “This is you”.   I thought that was weird, but considering the fact that there had been many unusual and unpredictable things happening to me for the last half of the year, I tried to receive that thought.


It was true that I felt myself a bit faint for some time, I was searching for the Lord but I was afraid of the real intimacy. Because of my past I never let even my husband close enough to my heart… and that was quite sad of course.  Even when I repented and let Jesus into my heart, I could feel that part of it was not surrendered to God because of the fear that I would be eventually rejected. God would see the real me, get cold and eventually turn away from me. Therefore I kept coming against a wall in my searching, I thought that God just didn’t want to bother with me, when it turned out that it was I who didn’t let Him come closer. I was shocked when I realized that. I have been a believer for 18 years and I’ve never heard anybody being that intimate with God, and I have always dreamt about it in secret, secretly even from myself.

I was pondering a lot after that vision and was trying to look for something like that rose on the internet, but nothing would come on. And then one day I was on Skype with a friend of mine and suddenly she exclaimed: “Look! It’s the same rose as you saw in a vision!” Her children were watching a French cartoon called “Little Prince”. And I became very eager watching it too. I felt some fire, warmth and a thrill on the inside.  I began watching and Jesus started talking into my heart using the words of the Little Prince such as that his rose is the best one and the way he is missing her and thinking about her all the time.  As I was listening, I could hardly believe those words. How could the Lord, the Lord Himself- the Maker of all, speak such words as those to me…- such a little nobody. My mind was not able to contain that and it hasn’t yet.

The Lord also made an analogy between me and the rose, as she wakes up every morning and expects to receive a letter from the Prince. That’s something I have been doing for some time now-  opening the Bible and looking for His word as the first thing after awakening before starting my day.

Every time I recalled that the Lord called me His rose I got puzzled because I don’t like roses especially the red ones. These are the most arrogant and haughty flowers, to my opinion, which are considered to be the most beautiful ones, but it isn’t so, indeed there are many, more beautiful than roses.

Some time later I was spending time with God in one of our bedrooms and as I opened my eyes I noticed an old mattress which we haven’t  used for a very long time and it was wrapped up in case if we have guests. I noticed a word “Rose” printed on the covering. I came closer with a surprise on my mind asking: What????  Is “Rose” indeed written on the mattress?  I found out that there was something else written in English.

I copied that to my friend and asked her to translate for me.  She asked me straight away if that was of Shakespeare. I was like: What? How come can Shakespeare be printed on an old mattress? My heart started throbbing as I was anticipating a big surprise.

Here is what it was:

“What`s in a name,

That which we call a Rose By any other name

Would smell as sweet Of all flowers

Methinks a Rose is best.”

These words became an answer to all of my musings. What a surprise that was- excerpts from Shakespeare’s poems, even from the two of them. I was undone! That was such a great confirmation that all of my thoughts and feelings were from the Lord and in fact those were His thoughts. I realized what a romantic He is! Nobody in the whole world could do something as romantic as that. And yes, after those words I agree to be His Rose. ”

Shared by Olga Svarychevskaya on behalf of her friend