Something HAPPENED WHILE SAYING THE BINDING PRAYER…I get distracted alt during the binding prayer… around the end thanking the Lord for His blood… I was fiddling with a rubberband and I pulled it apart…. I dropped it and it fell into a heart shape…I love you too, My sweet dear BrideGroom.

Shared by Teejay Orndorff in video comments

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  1. How wonderful! I believe our precious Lord Jesus sends us many indirect messages every day. Isn’t it so soothing, knowing that the creator of all things, to include us, is always watching over His children. Praise Jesus!!!!

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  2. While I was beginning to read this adorable story, at the same time I was beginning to eat my blueberries, chopped kiwi, and sliced strawberries, when I noticed one of my strawberry slices was also in the shape of a heart. ❤️🍓 impeccable timing The Lord has, as I kept wanting to read this story throughout the busy workday, He made me wait until I got home, relaxed, and had my own heart. I saved it for last, took a picture of it, and then I ate it. 😘

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