The Holy Spirit- 3rd Person of the Trinity

Oh Clare!!! I wanted to asked you so many times if you ever had an experience with the Holy Spirit as a Person…Not so long ago I had an experience with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. (vision). I saw Him walking towards me and a flash image of a beautiful large white bird appeared and disapeared and I saw Him and then for a moment I saw His face…..He was blond…I do not recall His eyes but His smile!! His expression was pure joy and it said, ‘This is Me.!… (I prayed and asked for Him to reveal Himself to me as I felt I neglected Him – never imagining I will see Him as a person). When I saw Him, I knew we knew each other well. He was familiar, so different to Jesus, yet very handsome and very gentle even more gentle than Jesus (if that is possible). He has a softness around Him. I was undone and in love with Him, with one smile!! It is so hard to explain…..the familiarity is almost like a favourite, loving, brother.
My relationship with Jesus I would say is passionate (without sex! I don’t have a better word). With Jesus I will sometimes go from shyness, to happy, to sadness, to boldness in one go..I remember I wrote down: What more can a girl want? I am marrying into a family….. A Father, a Husband and a Brother!!! Wow Wow Wow. I was so down lately and this gave me new strength .  This is confirmation….thank you Clare, thank You Holy Spirit.
Shared by  Estelle Strydom in video comments:

3 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit- 3rd Person of the Trinity

  1. Just wanted to say that as I was uploading this experience, my wireless DSL connection suddenly stopped and this wouldn’t upload. I had to “troubleshoot” my computer to reconnect with my DSL.. I know that the “dark side” doesn’t want us to rely on the Holy Spirit, or to even believe in His Power.. Many denominations dismiss the Holy Spirit as Someone who was only working “for a time” in the early church. But the Holy Spirit is alive and Well and active, and He is Who reveals the character of Jesus to us. So many of us tend to shut Him out of our hearts.. to our shame and harm. We can shut Him out and rely on ourselves, but only HE can transform us and renew our hearts and minds to make us become like Jesus.


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