By Microseconds!



Sister Claire,
I must thank you for your ministry in my life.
Thank you so much!
I had a dream some weeks ago.
I saw I was in an exam hall, with the test paper in my hand and everyone was seated. But the test hadn’t started yet. I was surprised why it was so, when I saw clocks and saw the time was extended by microseconds!
And then again extended by one microsecond and then again.
I was really surprised and kept this dream to myself.
Your word about extension of time is like a confirmation to me.
Lord bless you!

Shared by Richa Mishra


2 thoughts on “By Microseconds!

  1. I must tell you how blessed I have been with all of your messages on you tube. Thank you for your obedience in getting all of these words out. The sweetness in your voice is almost melodic and so comforting to hear you speak the words our Jesus shares with you. A peace always comes over as I listen. May God bless you and again I say Thank you.

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