“How Dead Are You?”

… I remember very well how this came to be written years ago.  I was lying prostrate on the floor in the middle of the night, having a lovely time with the Lord. I had a notebook and pen beside me on the floor, ready to write what the Lord said. He began talking about being ‘dead to myself.’  I jotted down what He said (writing ‘Jesus’ instead of ‘Me’) and, as it meant so much to me to get it all down correctly, I asked Him to repeat it all and He did:
“To be dead to self means to be on the Cross with Jesus, doing nothing to retaliate when people mock you, hurt you, criticise and judge you unfairly.
“It means to pray for them, bless them and show only love for them, thinking not at all of yourself and the hurts they may be causing you so undeservedly.
“It means not to want to be right, not to justify yourself, nor even to think about yourself and your situation.
“It means not to talk about yourself and not to seek attention.
“It means there is no more self – it is dead: buried with Christ in His death.
“How dead are you?
“Do you still smart when others are unkind, and overlook you?
“Do you still long to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be thought well of?
“Jesus made Himself nothing for you; He made Himself of no reputation. He stooped far lower for you than you will ever be called to do, and in the midst of His agony His only thoughts were of love for His enemies.
“How dead are you?
“Does it still matter to you to have your own way, to have things go well for you?
“Does it still matter to you to hear your name mentioned in praise?
“Can you joyfully let your will, even your deepest desires, be utterly crucified on His Cross?
“Can you say, and mean, “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me?”
“Only through death comes life. Are you willing to be that grain of wheat which falls into the ground and dies? If it does not die it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.
“Are you willing?
“Are you willing to be made willing?”
Shared by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous (no, it’s not me)

7 thoughts on ““How Dead Are You?”

  1. I just got this quote from a listener.. to post here on this message 🙂



  2. How utterly true. We cannot be alive in this world and have our precious Jesus within. I have been on the cross holding on to my last earthly breath for far to long. Today is my death, thank you all so much for sharing it with me. I have been so unworthy, thinking, praying, loving all for ME. No more,
    Blessings heartdwellers

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    • Sis, don’t despair.. the Lord reveals more and more of the hidden things to us in stages and by degrees -not all at once at the beginning of our commitment to Him. We are continuously being shown the hidden selfishness’s in our heart and we continuously repent of them and ask Him for the grace to be transformed .. He already sees the “finished product” up ahead. We are His “works in progress” that He will complete, and as we see our fallen human nature, we are kept sober and humble and dependent on His grace to deliver us.. step by step!


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