A People Preparing Herself for Her Bridegroom

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I had a dream last night and it involved a tall city building that was about to collapse but not quite (until Jesus came all the way) and there I met these two little girls who were alone and/or lost and I gave them supplies peacefully though they seemed a bit confused (I also heard the word  “nuclear ” in this segment before I came across the little girls).

I believe that the building that hadn’t physically collapsed yet but was about to represented the state of our country because off in the distance I saw anither building like this in Spanish-speaking territory near water (Miami?) And Obama’s face and somebody else’s face were in the background with planes and evil, mischeivous looks on their faces.

This dream had Ezekiel and Clare and us brides later in the dream at the end where we were all gathering together in this big, dark waiting room where people kept coming in. There was no door, just an open doorway (this room was cozy, too. .. it felt lived-in). This dream also involved a vision of one of my neices a little older than I am now (I’m 6 years older than her, so this would be at the very beginnings of the millenium) finally at peace. She’s gone through some things, but this vision was of her peaceful new beginning.

As she was explaining to one of her younger sisters that she had “grown up” (implied that this was referring to her ways in Christ and in turn her behavior), the scene transformed into a vision of her at that age (she would have to be freshly 22 or turning 22 since she was born in 2000 and 7 years from now it will be 2022, which He just allowed me to realize over the past 48 hours) and she was sitting against this cute little curved brick wall that was partly around a tree and partly along a nice dirt lane, then, still with a genuine and peacefully restful smile, she looked over to her left (my right) and the view panned right and all I could see were these beautiful fields of green grass on low green hills; the majestic light of God lit up the whole sky. At the bottom of these hills, in the valley, stood a very large “futuristic” looking art school. I believe that she may have been given charge over this place in the Kingdom of God.

…they just came in slowly. I’m thinking that these were last minute brides that we’ve been praying for. The place looked like it was almost full, but from what I could see the people were packed in pretty tightly, but not uncomfortable; the more, the merrier. We were all gathered facing toward Clare and Ezekiel except for a few off to the side chatting. Clare was standing up in the middle exercising (maybe to represent the amount of work she does) and Ezekiel was sitting right behind her in support, having her back. She was very conversational at the same time. It was clear that we were all waiting for Jesus, and when we began to talk about the workout she was like, “You know, He does all this for me, so I’ve gotta do this for Him.” The allegory seemed to be getting in shape before getting married, but in reality doing the tasks He requests of us, even in what the world sees as in an “excessive” manner, is our way of “getting in shape” (spiritually) for the wedding. I think this part of the dream was for everyone.

Dream shared by Kimberly Thompson


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