“Soon You Will Take Flight!”



I just awoke from a dream I had last night. I seen that I was wearing a beautiful gown and that it was made from feathers. And then I seen my wife and children standing before me also wearing beautiful gowns made from feathers. As I was pondering over these gowns I heard a voice come from above, “SOON YOU WILL TAKE FLIGHT!”, and then I woke up. Wow…..I don’t get dreams very often, thank you Lord!

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One thought on ““Soon You Will Take Flight!”

  1. I been having different dreams, and the one I had tonight not only scared me. but I am at a lost PLEASE help me. Jesus with his full armor came marching down he was light up as gold. He had his crown, the red cape, gold breast plate, gold armor around the wrist. “Like what was worn in Old Roman times” I came out side, to see him from a home I used to live, but no longer as he came from the east marching towards earth like using steps. Then he touch to the earth like you and I then, He spread his arms with his hands down “in a baseball game when they say safe” out and and some type of power came from him. Then, I want to say thousands, flew by me in a moments notice went around to the east corner of the house. I started to follow to see where these people were going. Some how I was finding that I went back to my lord and watching him and reaching out to him, waiting for him to take me. Then the worst was after that, he flicker out like a TV set use to when it did not get a single. He was gone, I woke up about 3:18am was about to cry and then I said within my heart please lord, don’t leave me behind.


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