“It Will Happen Soon”



I received a vision from the Lord this morning. My first ever, in fact. Every day I’ve been praying and asking when He will come, and asking that He come quickly. This morning, when I was in that mostly-asleep state before waking, I turned over to fall back asleep completely, and I glimpsed my dresser against the wall. When my eyes closed again, I could still see the image of my dresser, but purple letters were emblazoned across it in all caps. It said “IT WILL HAPPEN SOON”. I especially liked the Lord’s touch of making the letters purple, as he knew I would pick up on the symbolism of that – purple being the color of royalty and authority. Just thought I’d share that for those who are as anxiously awaiting Him as I am. 😊

Shared by Samantha Christine in video comments


3 thoughts on ““It Will Happen Soon”

  1. I hope everyone does not mind if I keep posting. You see, I believe all of these posts are real, and our precious savior Jesus absolutely speaks to His children in many different ways. Each time I am certain something is from our beloved Jesus, I post it because I believe we are meant to strengthen one another, this has been put into my heart. 2 things happened yesterday, heartdwellers. 1) I let our very special dog out back, it was snowing hard. I glanced up and there was a large purple/dark blue suv backed into a parking space 40ft from my back door. The license plate said; JOHN SR, I quietly ask Jesus what it meant, this immediate thought came into my mind, from Jesus, He is telling, that it is time to Start Revelation that John wrote about in scripture. Most people read the plate as. JOHN SENIOR. It was made clear to me the spiritual meaning. 2) An add came on TV asking for donations to help the starving Jewish families in Israel. I have a Samsung Note 3 phone. I made what is called a S note, to write the contact information of the group asking for aid. They are called Guardians of Israel. Ok, when you put info in a S note, it creates a book cover with a title. I cannot choose the color, it is random. As I was closing the note, I said in my mind,” this book cover has to be royal purple/blue. 1 second it popped up…….royal blue/purple. As I always say, Jesus speaks to us all the time, we just have to pray for spiritual eyes!!! PRAISE FATHER

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