Prophetic Vision of War Between Nations



On Wed Feb 3 after 1:30 am I had a VISION:

This vision was different from the  others since it seemed  more vivid in color.  It seemed like I was looking out through an opening of clearing cloud.  Picture was very clear.  Background was in shades of purple and lavender.  I see a white  vertical missile type warhead or weapon being launched up to the sky  then I see an  explosion then another missile warhead  being launched  then explosion again and then another launch of a missile following an explosion.  These launches occurred one after the other then vision ends.  I was not made aware who was launching the missile or where was the target .

Thank you Jesus for the blessing of my visions.  Prayer for people around the world who are going to get caught in this ground zero warfare.  May their souls be ready to receive The Lord Jesus.  I believe this vision symbolizes an upcoming war involving warheads and confrontations between nations.

May God protect us All.

Shared by Miguel Angel

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