A Vision of Jesus That Can’t Be Denied


“… Well Sunday morning we have Sunday school;   I gave my Sunday school teachers Mark  Vinklers “4 keys to hearing God voice” . Well, last Sunday he just asked this: “Have you seen Jesus?”  and pointed to me and to another girl and he said only the people in the Bible have seen Jesus.   I said I haven’t because I felt fear by the way he talked to me.   Well, I repented and cried out to God to forgive me for denying Him.

I felt a grief in my heart because when i was going through the hardest part of my life I had this vision in the spirit.   Jesus was carrying me in His arms and dropped me in a lake . I saw his smile and his white robe. well after I got out of that encounter,  Rick Pino’s song, ” Your love is like the Ocean” played and I can’t explain it but I couldn’t stop crying.   I couldn’t move.   He did cure my heart from all the wounds since little . Well I don’t know if I should go to Sunday school .”

Shared by Thesla Sibrian in Video Comments

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