Time on the Road For Prayer Intercession


I want to share this:

While driving home from work, I have started praying the divine mercy chaplet, but since I don’t remember it all, I say the Lord’s Prayer part of it, and repeat: “For the sake of His sorrowful mercy, have mercy on us and on the whole world”. Even if I don’t feel anything, I repeat it over and over. (Some would call this mindless and “vain repetition”, but it is only mindless until the Spirit takes over, which He does after a few minutes.) So I was repeating that line over and over, and remembering the message from the other day that said people in Europe are coming to Christ during this time, I kept thinking about them while repeating that one line. In my mind, I saw CROWDS of people SO desperate to escape that they were almost climbing on top of each other, reaching upward from darkness into the light. Their raised hands actually pushed an opening into the “ceiling” of the sky, breaking open a piece so light could shine through, if that makes sense.) And while repeating that line from the chaplet, I felt like saying it…  AS IF I WERE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE in Europe trying to escape, praying on their behalf. And I really believe the Holy Spirit used me to intercede for them, although only for a few minutes.

I wish I had started doing that all along, but I guess I was waiting to FEEL something BEFORE I did. So what I am trying to say is this: if we open our mouths out of obedience and start reciting, whether we feel anything or not, God CAN use it. Why should I use my half-hour drive home from work to only listen to the radio when I can intercede on behalf of those who are TRULY hungry for God? Just something to think about during the short time we have left down here. I almost didn’t share this, but I decided to because those people in Europe seemed SO desperate.

God bless you, family, Carl

Shared by Carl Jones

3 thoughts on “Time on the Road For Prayer Intercession

  1. Dear Carol,
    Thank you for sharing this post for us all which I appreciate. This was truly a great reminder for me to turn off the music in my car that I can’t be without on my car rides (it’s more of a habit) so I really never keep my radio silent even though I long for that quiet time but it’s just hard to let the habit go and not give in to it.
    While reading your post, I felt compassion for those people and can’t imagine how they feel as they search for light. I truly believe this post and the one on January 31st are related sort of in that in both we are asked to pray for the lost ones. So thanks to you, I will do my best now to keep my radio off and remember to pray for people.

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  2. sister the chplet is not repetsd prayer it a meditation just like the rosary I need prayer please pray for more divine revelations for me not only Jesus i wish to see but i wanna see the other saints as well and mary and the angels I want more visions i ve got so much energy praying the chaplet

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