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The End Is Near.. part II


I had reason to believe He hated me based on what I was raised to believe… I did not know that no man could come to our Father except through Christ Jesus… So needless to say I never worshiped or prayed to Him… So as you might imagine there was no answer.

I actually cried out one night about six months after I had another encounter…. After the vision and the encounter… I repented automatically not of fear but out of sorrow… a spirit filled sorrow from the depths of my soul, an uncontrollable bellowing of years and years of pain and self condemnation and fear and well rage anger… All gone in less than three seconds in his presence…. I was baptized shortly afterwards… Three hours after a was dipped in my pool uggggg in winter early spring LOL … I insisted… my dear Brother Chris… Smiled and said lets go… He was a trooper… uggggg that pool was freezing… and well so very cold yet I did not feel it I was to excited… Now the day of my water baptism… I found myself alone in the evening… I went into my room and lay down and I exclaimed to the Lord … I love you… Thank you… As I fell asleep I heard the Lord very clearly say to me: Do you love me enough to give up your life for me… I was stunned … Shocked even…… I was beside myself… LOL Lord I don’t want to Die… I have never wanted to Die… So for three days I walked around pondering the question… and trying to creep around and temporarily side step the question… (as if hahaha little did I know…) Needless to say I was not feeling right in my spirit… could not sleep… I have had a fear of death since I was a young boy… On the third afternoon of no sleep I went out on to my back patio and sat… I thought to myself Brian, you are ridiculous… YOU WERE ALREADY DEAD before you met the Lord… I all of a sudden started laughing looked up and said aloud … Yes Lord I would give it up for you.

At that moment peace set in and all of a sudden I could no longer keep my eyes open ( no real restful sleep for three days)…. I went to my room fell asleep in seconds… and this is where it gets umm well you be the judge: As soon as I fell into a deep sleep I began to dream or so I first thought… NO NO NO this was not a dream… I knew that there was someone (messenger / Angle ) standing at my feet in the spirit I was going to try and look at him but… Everything I do mean everything (I have no Human Words) turned to brilliant light I could feel it in me on me around me… Then I began hearing multiple voice singing … first two or three then 20 30 40 500 1000 voices singing glory and honor to holy one who sits upon the thrown… as this was happening simultaneously I could also here the voice of the messenger saying to me : For surly I tell you If you can hear the sound of my voice your are blessed and have found favor with you god… Get up and clean yourself and walk with me… Clean yourself clean your heart as if you were about to come to dinner with most high…  (KEEP IN MIND: I did not know about the wedding supper of the lamb no clue….Yet)

Shared by Brian Burgess in Video Comments

God’s Chariot For Departure



I woke up and saw JESUS on my RIGHT SIDE just as quickly as I saw JESUS he was gone.  I looked at the time and it was 12:20am.  I tried to go back to sleep hoping to see JESUS again in my dream. Finally when I slept again JESUS gave me a DREAM, in this Dream I was at an AIRPORT.  I saw an elderly lady about 60-70 YRS of age. She was to board a plane to go somewhere , but she adamantly insisted to ride in a chariot that was at the AIRPORT.  This is a CHARIOT that I saw on the AIRPORT PREMISES that seemed to be a DISPLAY for   ANTIQUE things.  All the AIRPORT staff started laughing at her thinking this lady is crazy.  Then I said to the staff IF THIS LADY IS GOING IN THIS CHARIOT, I WANT TO GO ALSO.  When I went in and sat down in the CHARIOT after about 1 min , I suddenly feel the CHARIOT started VIBRATING.  I WAS AWARE IN MY SPIRIT SOMETHING SUPERNATURALLY IS TAKING PLACE, then I woke up (1/23/2016)

~Shared by Patrick Anderson in Video Comments

A Car Miracle



a Car miracle:

……a few days a go i was driving my fairly new Dodge vehicle at dusk along a very busy Atlanta highway. Then all of a sudden all electrical warning signs came on at once- and then off- and then on again- every other second….. All alarm warning sounds could also all be heard all at once- like with the very irritating no seat belt light….. The needle for the speedometer when up and down furiously as well. The car continued on without speed or momentum interruption- but there was every kind of flashing lights popping on and off on the dashboard….. The car seemed possessed to the 10th degree. ……This car has never had any issues like this at all. …..When this was happening fear took over causing thoughts of being stranded in the middle lane of this major and crowded 6 lane highway…..but i did what i have heard to do (faith comes by hearing the word) and i shouted “Jesus, deliver me and my car from evil!!”….”I trust in you you I trust in you I trust in you” …. ” this would be a greater thing like in John 14:12 Jesus”……. for 5 minutes this lasted with me repeating these words over and over again- then instantly all car issues just vanished ….I have driven the car many times since and no problems whatsoever……this is my first mechanical healing…..i have many more stories, true testimonies, to tell but this post is long enough :-)………….you overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and by the word of their testimony. (Rev 12:11)……………..I expect more miracles since grace stays well ahead of sin- that increases day by day in the world (Romans 5:20)

Shared by Ken Beal in Video Comments

The Battle Around Me


I don’t often see or hear things spiritually but I often feel things.   This morning, though, I was having trouble waking up and I could feel a battle going on around me.   I assumed it was angels fighting for me and I was trying to fight my way through it with praise and worship.   At some point I started to see blurs moving around and one of them (all I can say is it was red with a black weapon) managed to hit me and I felt a feeling kinda like sleep paralysis is described at this point.

I asked the lord to bless the angels fighting for me and the battle just ended.  Then I heard a voice speaking in tongues.  I just kind of listened for a while;  I assumed it was an angel speaking but hearing your explanation it could have been someone there in the spirit.   After that I was able to have a great day full of praise worship and prayer with much love felt from the Lord.

Shared by Joseph Nowicki in Video Comments


Interceding For Others Confirmation Rhemas


I asked Holy Spirit to give me a word today after watching this video and this was what He chose for me from my rhema box: “Prayer always with all prayers and supplication in the spirit.” Eph 6:18. ❤️

~Shared by Sony West in Video Comments


I asked the Lord if He had anything to give me from His words recorded in “He and I” regarding Still Small Voice’s video titled, “Powerful is the Prayer Of the Heart,  Jesus Teaches Us On Prayer”,  and this is what I blindly opened up to for us all:

“Each soul is the object of My special love.  That is why I am so grateful to those who are resourceful in bringing back sinners to Me.  Keep this in mind, then.  I gave My life for them in the most atrocious torture.  For these poor beloved ones.   A humble repentance and they are already on My  heart.  So speak gently to them.  Speak with tenderness.  A brusque remark could drive them farther away.”

(note:  While listening to this video before receiving that Rhema, I thought of how the Lord leads me to pray for all those who pass me by, or who I have to do with in my life that I would not normally choose to hang out with..     He leads me to pray for all of them because it isn’t a coincidence that we pass by certain people, or work with a particular person.    He asks us to intercede for all we have to do with and all we come in contact with., as each person is an “unfinished” product that He can miraculously restore and refine into the image they were destined to be..      Our prayers for them hasten our  Lord to water the seeds planted in them with His Spirit.)

~Shared by anonymous


Prayer Praise Report


Praise God!  I have a praise report. I have a high school friend who I started hanging out with again this past year. We kind of split apart and he got into hard drugs and o.d. on heroin on 12/12/15 and was dead for 7 minutes and on life support for 3 days. I kept telling him about Jesus and His love and His truth but it never sunk in. Me and my mom and brothers prayed overtime for him and he was miraculously leading a bible study in rehab before he was discharged within 2 weeks of his overdose. He has been depressed his entire life and he now says “I see the light in life”. One of the best testimonies ever. If you can, keep praying for him. He is such an awesome person with a great heart.

Shared by Samtheman2333 in video comments

Wedding Gifts From Jesus


I had a wonderful dream last night. There was a wedding ceremony in heaven and it was me and Jesus. It was amazing! Jesus looked very handsome in his suit. Afterwards he carried me to the wedding chamber and he presented to me a box. I opened it and inside were some presents. Then he opened another door and in walked a beautiful Scottish wildcat. I was so happy, I was crying tears of joy. 🙂

~Shared by Alison Holme  in Video Comments

Those Precious Quiet Times!


This morning I was reveling in the peace and quiet surrounding me as I woke up rather early before work..    Not a television or radio could be heard, and I was soo thrilled to be with the Lord in that quiet atmosphere.         Normally, there is never a waking moment when I am not surrounded by man-made noise of some sort..    Most of the times it’s a radio or television program.   People are just afraid of a noiseless environment.    Even at my job,   radios are on throughout the day and in the lunchroom, the television is always on.  Even as I type this blog post at 9:16 pm tonight, my mother is watching “All in the Family” on television downstairs and while my door is shut, the television is one of those “surround sound” types where the audio is heard clearly even on the second floor.

So when I can discover some peace and quiet,  I thank God because then I can have some time alone with Him!   I’m reminded of Jesus during His life on this Earth, where He would pull Himself away from the crowds from time to time,  and walk up a high place to be alone with the Father.   *sigh*!

This morning I asked Him if He would give me something on this.. a Rhema word, of His input on  these quiet times.      Blindly I opened to “God at Eventide”.. a journal of His recorded words to two British women in the last Century.    I was stunned (as usual) at our Lord’s clear reply as my eyes fell on His following words:

“Withdraw Yourself:

 “It is not in the crowd that lovers learn to know and cherish each other.  It is in the quiet times alone.   So with My own and Me.  It is in the tender alone-times that they learn all that I can be to each.  

Shut out the World with it’s all too insistent claims.  Then, because of the power and peace and the joy that comes to you, you will crave to be alone with Me.”



A Love Prayer To Jesus


O My beloved Jesus, You are close to my heart.

I am one with You. I love You. I cherish You.

Let me feel Your Love. Let me feel Your Pain. Let me feel Your Presence.

Grant me the Grace of humility so that I am made worthy of Your Kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Grant me the Tears of Conversion so that I can truly offer myself to You as a true disciple

to help You in Your Mission to save every single soul on earth,

before You come again to judge the living and the dead. Amen.

~Shared by Julie Gray .. She received this prayer from

Intercessory Prayer



“…..On Dec 19, I had a dream where I found myself in coastal city since I was walking through sand and sea waves but along the whole shore were piles and piles of shoes of different sizes and I see a lot people crying and crying. I was then taken to a small wooden house and a see a lady sitting in her kitchen table crying. I would see my hand and Jesus hand over her shoulder trying to comfort her and dream ended. Prayers for people around the world. Pray for Mercy! Prayers for the lost and for the unsaved. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice that you made for us at the cross to save us. JESUS SAVES!

Dream shared by AngelTexas in video comments