Swept Away!



1/24/15. EARLY MORNING DREAM I was working with people, just like all of my dreams from Jesus start. I was in a boarding school, and I decided to clean out my room. I was finished and when I looked I had the sense that I had gotten rid of a lot of stuff. It was a little empty, in a good way less clutter. This included every drawer, closet, corner; this room had nothing that wasn’t good and useful. I found out that I got promoted and I was going to graduate right away. Someone was going to my room to pack it up, and I was so happy that it was all cleaned out and ready. I didn’t have a trashy mess to be ashamed of. Then I was told that I was to be married as well, on the same day. The boy chosen was not just any boy. He was a Jewish boy, the son of the head Rabbi of the school. I was “swept away” by all of my good fortune!! 💖

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