“My True Bride Cries Out To Me Day and Night…”



Dear Clare and all Brides…I believe I just received a word from the Lord and would like to share:

As I was worshipping I heard this in my heart: “My true Bride cries out to me day and night…they are the ones looking, waiting, yearning for My coming. The rest are asleep and know not of my soon coming approach. My Bride is being drawn closer and closer to Me daily and departing from all ties to the world. They are losing all desire or interest in worldly activities …. they are losing sight of the world as they are being pulled upward in the Spirit. The physical realm is becoming less tangible and the spirit realm is becoming more real and perceptible. It is My Spirit’s work within separating them completely from the world, preparing them for my imminent call. Can you feel this, My Beloved? This is the final work of my Spirit in your flesh as you are being made ready for glorification and our fast approaching union. Rejoice!! Heaven awaits your arrival in a few moments time! ”


Shared by SweetPJ – (Paulette)

5 thoughts on ““My True Bride Cries Out To Me Day and Night…”

  1. This is the same word I received today while in prayer. The Lord Almighty said, “I Am coming soon and so many are asleep.” May we pray for the awakening of those asleep, that they would hear the voice of our Lord calling out to them.

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    • Wow, thank you for sharing that, Raha… Just hearing what the Lord told you also increases my faith that He truly IS coming faster than I even realized!

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  2. This may sound odd, but I was sitting at my desk this morning and I heard a very distinct sound, it sounded like an actual shofar being blown. It was only a few seconds, but I am absolutely sure it was a shofar. I am nothing special, the least worthy, but lately I am seeing and feeling warnings that our savior may be coming soon. Blessings Heartdwellers

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    • not a coincidence you guys .. I’ve also heard them too back in September 2013. I even made a video of it back then on Youtube. I didn’t have a clue what it was, but in my case no one else heard them.. .just me and the neighborhood dogs who wouldn’t stop barking after they sounded. It was just as Carol mentioned.. They’d blow, then a pause., then restart again, etc. They also sounded like they were not totally from our dimension also. and that they were coming from over the horizon. (Not directly in my yard) I fell back asleep after that, and then awoke at 6:00 am to someone say to me very firmly, “Be prepared!” Noone will take me seriously when I share this with them. Even my own mother who is a Christian thinks I was “delusional” when I share this with her.

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  3. It doesn’t sound odd to me at all. I heard the shofar’s sound too, several shofar’s blowing loudly for maybe 5-10 seconds a break and then again shofar’s and another break and then the final set of shofar’s!! I’m nothing special either. I’m just a saint covered in the blood of Christ. I was listening to Mena Lee Grebin’s latest you tube of her 5 nights of dreams from the Lord and right when she said the Lord recently game me 5 consecutive nights of dreams, at that moment the shofar’s became loud in my sunroom. It was obviously coming from the sky East of my home. A neighbor was here listening to Mena and also was shocked to hear the “horns” I explained that they were shofar’s and that Angels were blowing a warning or a call for God’s own! I since prayed and read that the Lord is sounding the shofar’s now all over the World! He’s calling His last warriors to prepare for battle! We are to stand firm in Him and be prepared to minister in various ways, using gifts HE will bestow! Shalom

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