Jesus Has a Heart of Pure Love


I was worshiping one night at my desk. I closed my eyes and saw Jesus smiling and bending into my view with a bundle of daffodils-my favorite! I jumped back a little because it startled me. I wish I had not. I looked again but He was gone.

It wasn’t the first time I had seen Him but it was most memorable because it was as if He was coming through the vision! Oh, how I wish. In my prayers His face is before me often times and sometimes He is talking. Once He was sitting on a rock and overlooking what looked like Los Angeles(I have only seen this setting on tv or older movies-not sure of location) and weeping. I came up behind Him and hugged Him. I could feel some of His pain and began to weep also. It was as pure a moment as I have ever experienced. Jesus has a heart of pure love and I can tell you He is Alive and moving with us as we journey. Be blessed in your waking and sleeping knowing He is with you always. Dreams coming true are yours for the seeking. love, julia

~Shared by Julia Perry in video comments


2 thoughts on “Jesus Has a Heart of Pure Love

  1. How beautiful Julia! I remember several years ago, Jesus appeared to me at the Church of the Holy Selpecher in Jerusalem, I was so excited to see Him, he and I just gazing into each other’s eyes-no words spoken. Then a few years later, I was in my prayer closet when He came in and touched my hand…I flinched, then He left. I was not happy with myself, hoping for another opportunity again. Jesus knows ours hearts, He’s truly more than wonderful! God Bless You Sis!

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    • Wow Constance… how beautiful! I can only imagine how sweetly breathtaking it was seeing our Jesus’s eyes face to face like that.. wow! What a treasured experience for the rest of your life until you see Him again one Day.. thanks so much for sharing this with us.

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