An encouragement:

Last night I could picture Jesus and I walking through a wheat field, golden and ripe… we were not heading anywhere, just walking through all this wheat.. I said “I don’t know much about wheat ..”. I then went to sleep. I woke during the night and said”what was the wheat field all about?” the word “HARVEST” dropped into my mind..the fields are ripe for Harvest! of course!     WOW

~Shared by Gill 24

4 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. About a year ago I had a powerful feeling, I knew it was the Holy Spirit. When Jesus gave us the parable of the wheat and the tares. Or weeds, I understood that He actually was warning that just as we have loving devoted christian followers of Jesus, in this world along with us, within our societies, the seed of satan, or the weeds/tares are working to snare our souls. Be diligent heartdwellers, Jesus was warning us, the tares are those you knoW. They may be under your roof. Blessings Jeff

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    • Amen brother.. thanks for that reminder. It’s not a coincidence that later this past week in my car, I was listening to a sermon on how when we really mean business with the Lord, we find out that our spiritual enemies are even in our own household. I’ve experienced this in my family and others.. These people may be good people and the Lord loves them too, but until they totally give their hearts over to the Lord, they can be used without them even realizing it by Satan and demons to discourage, sabatogue , instill spiritual pride in us, etc.. anything to hurt our spiritual walk with the Lord. They aren’t aware of this either.. they “know not what they do” at times unless you are dealing with someone in a family who really is hardened and does know.. but most do not know they can be used as tools for Satan until they give their hearts totally over to Jesus, themselves..

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      • Thank you, Lisa. I am married to a beautiful loving spirit who believes homosexuality is not a sin. She will not discuss any current events as they relate to prophesy from scripture. I cannot believe she can have all of that love and be willingly attached to darkness. Please pray for both of us! Jeff and Elaine blessings heartdwellers

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  2. Bro., I will definitely pray for you guys. A lot of people think homosexuality isn’t a sin due to some homosexuals not choosing to be that way, but finding that they have that in their human nature. Actually what people don’t realize in our so called “enlightened” society of today is that mankind’s human nature is a FALLEN nature and we all need to be born again and allow the Holy Spirit to deliver us from our old human nature. This goes for all mankind, including those who were “born homosexuals”. Jesus loves them but they need to come to Him and acknowledge that they need to be reborn, just as all mankind does. And I’ve actually heard an interview of a singer/songwriter on the Janet Partial radio show recently who was “born” gay but came to the Lord, and the Holy Spirit transformed him from his old nature.
    Those who have bullied and beat up gay kids are going to be held accountable before God The parent needs to say: “honey, I love you and will always love you, but some things I have a right not to agree with regarding your lifestyle. As your parent, I will be praying for you that God can heal you..and you know you can always count on me to be there for you .. but in life we all need to pick up our cross and deny ourselves and God offers His grace for us to do that day by day.”
    God doesn’t condemn us sinners, but He wants us to go to Him regarding our fallen sinful nature, and He will help us THROUGH the restoration process..

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