The End Is Near.. part II


I had reason to believe He hated me based on what I was raised to believe… I did not know that no man could come to our Father except through Christ Jesus… So needless to say I never worshiped or prayed to Him… So as you might imagine there was no answer.

I actually cried out one night about six months after I had another encounter…. After the vision and the encounter… I repented automatically not of fear but out of sorrow… a spirit filled sorrow from the depths of my soul, an uncontrollable bellowing of years and years of pain and self condemnation and fear and well rage anger… All gone in less than three seconds in his presence…. I was baptized shortly afterwards… Three hours after a was dipped in my pool uggggg in winter early spring LOL … I insisted… my dear Brother Chris… Smiled and said lets go… He was a trooper… uggggg that pool was freezing… and well so very cold yet I did not feel it I was to excited… Now the day of my water baptism… I found myself alone in the evening… I went into my room and lay down and I exclaimed to the Lord … I love you… Thank you… As I fell asleep I heard the Lord very clearly say to me: Do you love me enough to give up your life for me… I was stunned … Shocked even…… I was beside myself… LOL Lord I don’t want to Die… I have never wanted to Die… So for three days I walked around pondering the question… and trying to creep around and temporarily side step the question… (as if hahaha little did I know…) Needless to say I was not feeling right in my spirit… could not sleep… I have had a fear of death since I was a young boy… On the third afternoon of no sleep I went out on to my back patio and sat… I thought to myself Brian, you are ridiculous… YOU WERE ALREADY DEAD before you met the Lord… I all of a sudden started laughing looked up and said aloud … Yes Lord I would give it up for you.

At that moment peace set in and all of a sudden I could no longer keep my eyes open ( no real restful sleep for three days)…. I went to my room fell asleep in seconds… and this is where it gets umm well you be the judge: As soon as I fell into a deep sleep I began to dream or so I first thought… NO NO NO this was not a dream… I knew that there was someone (messenger / Angle ) standing at my feet in the spirit I was going to try and look at him but… Everything I do mean everything (I have no Human Words) turned to brilliant light I could feel it in me on me around me… Then I began hearing multiple voice singing … first two or three then 20 30 40 500 1000 voices singing glory and honor to holy one who sits upon the thrown… as this was happening simultaneously I could also here the voice of the messenger saying to me : For surly I tell you If you can hear the sound of my voice your are blessed and have found favor with you god… Get up and clean yourself and walk with me… Clean yourself clean your heart as if you were about to come to dinner with most high…  (KEEP IN MIND: I did not know about the wedding supper of the lamb no clue….Yet)

Shared by Brian Burgess in Video Comments

13 thoughts on “The End Is Near.. part II

    • Ozz, Im going to keep an eye for any more that Brian feels free to share in the coming weeks ahead.. He posted this in the video comments of Clare’s latest two videos …. I think the Saturday one, but also he could have posted other experiences in Friday’s video comment’s as well.. I let him know that I would be uploading these on the blog, and he was fine with that, but he replied that he had much more to say .. messages the Lord wanted him to give out to His Body in general, as well as also others, but he wasn’t sure what He should share yet.. and how. He’s not used to receiving these kinds of things from the Lord after so many years as a Jehovah’s Witness… keep him in your prayers that he will let the Lord use him as a clear channel .. and not to be intimidated by others if it isn’t what certain Christians WANT to hear. hugs, lisa


    • Sis., I asked the Lord to give me a dream like that and guess what.. I did receive one, and it was not one in which my human nature was proud of.. He revealed all sorts of hidden selfishnesses within me that will keep me from being ready for Him when He returns…. things that I hadn’t realized about how selfish and lazy I am.. So if you ask Him for a prophetic spiritual dream, be careful and ask the Lord that you will also be ready to receive it and obey Him regarding whatever He reveals to you that He wants more from you in. After the two dreams that I did receive late last year, I am not so confident in myself spiritually.. but I am grateful He was not afraid to tell me what I needed to hear.. so that I will make myself ready for His return.
      love, lissa


      • I ask daily for assistance, forgiveness of things I have done that keep me seperated from Jesus and I am not getting anything back. I try not to be disappointed but I know I used to have a special place in his heart and now I don’t. I don’t want to go into great detail here because I don’t know how this works. what’s private or public.

        I beg, plead, feel there is a big thick wall between him and me and I want to be connected like I was in my 20’s before I want off and embraced the world. it was stupid and I got sucked into the dark side. I feel I may never get out. i feel like he can’t hear me. is there anything I can do? I pray daily. go to church as much as I can. I try to be a good person. I just feel like I will be left behind if the rapture happens.

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      • Sis., you’re life sounds like a duplicate of mine as well.. I was first saved in 1981, but then went off on a tangent living my own way for many decades.. It was only until 2012, that He had mercy to wake me back up. The very fact that you are seeking after Him again is His doing.. We are both like those dry bones in that bone pile in that vision God gave the prophet Ezekiel (Old Testament) where God resurrected the dried bones .. We both came from spiritual ruins, and our Lord will continue to revive us.. We must pray for His grace to keep on picking ourselves back up and seeking Him out each morning… keeping our focus on Him by His grace. Aside from all the praying, reading your Bible, going to church.. Ask Him to increase your love for Him within you and to mold and shape you like clay in His hands.
        Keep on asking Him to allow you to receive more of His Oil (Holy Spirit) within you so that your lamp will be more than full, and we both need to keep our focus on Him.. and not on the distractions of this World, as innocent as they may be., that the entire World is chasing after. We both need to seek Him first, and let Him take care of our extra-curricular needs.. even when grocery shopping, asking Him to come along with us and lead us to only what we need.. and share all with Him. .. knowing that He is listening to us more than we can realize.
        hugs.. and praying for you! keep me in your prayers too!
        love, lisa


  1. thank you very much. that gives me hope that was/he is listening. patience. patience.

    I am ever so sorry for things. I want to know I am forgiven and that I am not “I have never known you”

    about a year ago I had a spiritual encounter one morning and heard john 3:16 very clearly I didnt even know what that meant and had to look it up. after I read it, it meant a lot to me. my sheep will know my voice. I felt it was an answer.

    I just wish I knew for sure where I stand. will I be with him or not. so many people hear his voice, feel the Holy Spirit, see visions, and I don’t. feeling unworthy. I have read that is the devil trying to get to you. I still believe. God loves us. we just have to press on. no matter what. we have to keep the faith. no matter what we see or hear. right?

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    • Amen Sis.. we have to press on in blind faith.. Just like when Thomas told Him that he would need visible proof before he believed Jesus resurrected.. and as soon as he said this to the disciples, Jesus appeared in the room and told him to touch His wounds. And then He told him, “Blessed is he who does not see, yet believes”.


  2. sweet dreams and God Bless. I had already been given that answer spiritually, doubting Thomas. lol. I guess you just confirmed it and it wasn’t my imagination. maybe he hasn’t left me at all but is waiting for me on the other side

    some days are better than others

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    • Oh, my God… I just received a Rhema for you, sister.. just now I asked Him if He could give me something for you from His actual recorded words in the journal, “He and I” (words He actually spoke to a French woman in the 1930’s- 1950 that she had published)
      wow… here you go.. from Jesus: “Which of us is waiting the more impatiently for the moment of intimacy, you or I? Yes, I know t hat you are thinking about it and preparing for it, that you are coming out of a sense of duty. But I’m coming from pure love. Ask Me for this love as though I were a merchant…”♥
      *sigh*.. 🙂


      • Dearest Lord,
        please love me as though there is no other. Fill me with your never ending love. never let us be apart. holding my head against your chest holding you ever so tightly.

        thank you. lisa. I don’t know how I have longed for his love and an answer. I have written many people online for spiritual conversation and your the first to write back other than Claire. thank you thank you


  3. A guy posted this and thought of our conversation yesterday

    this Word from Father God Yahweh at 1:31 am on 23 January 2016:

    My Beautiful Benjamite Wendi, write Father Yahweh’s Wonderful and Pure Words for My Children to hear, experience, and obey:

    This Message goes out to all of My Faithful Bride. As you can see, My Son’s Brides are having much revealed to them now. You are finding out what you will be doing in a time coming up so very quickly now. This is a time like no other. I can feel all of your excitement, My Bride. If you feel like you haven’t been shown anything yet, do not worry My Lovely Ones. It could be that you are still going through My Son’s Tests and Trials. He wants some of you to be still and know that He has you. There are so many rewards and blessings waiting for you My Remnant Bride, after you have been refined and purified. All are at different stages at this point; but all are about to be ready for what My Son is preparing or has prepared you for. Do not go into a panic about what is coming. This is to bring the lost and lonely hearts to their Creator. I, God Jehovah have so many surprises for not only My Faithful Laborers for My Kingdom, but the enemy shall also be completely thrown off. He knows he has only a short time, but he doesn’t realize how short a time. The enemy knows nothing of My Perfect and Mighty Plans. But the enemy knows Who is in control. The enemy must bow down to My Son Who crucified His Own Body to defeat the devil and the demons; to defeat all the principalities and evil. I created all, and I use all for My Glory. The enemy will not have his way completely with My Holy Children as he thinks. WHO IS IN CONTROL, MY CHILDREN?! GOD JEHOVAH YAHWEH ELOHIM WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE; FOR I AM FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING! GOD ALMIGHTY HAS ALL OF HIS CHILDREN! I TRULY DO!



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