The Battle Around Me


I don’t often see or hear things spiritually but I often feel things.   This morning, though, I was having trouble waking up and I could feel a battle going on around me.   I assumed it was angels fighting for me and I was trying to fight my way through it with praise and worship.   At some point I started to see blurs moving around and one of them (all I can say is it was red with a black weapon) managed to hit me and I felt a feeling kinda like sleep paralysis is described at this point.

I asked the lord to bless the angels fighting for me and the battle just ended.  Then I heard a voice speaking in tongues.  I just kind of listened for a while;  I assumed it was an angel speaking but hearing your explanation it could have been someone there in the spirit.   After that I was able to have a great day full of praise worship and prayer with much love felt from the Lord.

Shared by Joseph Nowicki in Video Comments


3 thoughts on “The Battle Around Me

    • Definitely sounds like you are under spiritual demonic attack, and the Holy Spirit immediately comes to your defense.. He speaks through your ..through His gift of tongues through you, and the demons can’t stand it.. and they immediately depart.


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