Prayer Praise Report


Praise God!  I have a praise report. I have a high school friend who I started hanging out with again this past year. We kind of split apart and he got into hard drugs and o.d. on heroin on 12/12/15 and was dead for 7 minutes and on life support for 3 days. I kept telling him about Jesus and His love and His truth but it never sunk in. Me and my mom and brothers prayed overtime for him and he was miraculously leading a bible study in rehab before he was discharged within 2 weeks of his overdose. He has been depressed his entire life and he now says “I see the light in life”. One of the best testimonies ever. If you can, keep praying for him. He is such an awesome person with a great heart.

Shared by Samtheman2333 in video comments

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