Interceding For Others Confirmation Rhemas


I asked Holy Spirit to give me a word today after watching this video and this was what He chose for me from my rhema box: “Prayer always with all prayers and supplication in the spirit.” Eph 6:18. ❤️

~Shared by Sony West in Video Comments


I asked the Lord if He had anything to give me from His words recorded in “He and I” regarding Still Small Voice’s video titled, “Powerful is the Prayer Of the Heart,  Jesus Teaches Us On Prayer”,  and this is what I blindly opened up to for us all:

“Each soul is the object of My special love.  That is why I am so grateful to those who are resourceful in bringing back sinners to Me.  Keep this in mind, then.  I gave My life for them in the most atrocious torture.  For these poor beloved ones.   A humble repentance and they are already on My  heart.  So speak gently to them.  Speak with tenderness.  A brusque remark could drive them farther away.”

(note:  While listening to this video before receiving that Rhema, I thought of how the Lord leads me to pray for all those who pass me by, or who I have to do with in my life that I would not normally choose to hang out with..     He leads me to pray for all of them because it isn’t a coincidence that we pass by certain people, or work with a particular person.    He asks us to intercede for all we have to do with and all we come in contact with., as each person is an “unfinished” product that He can miraculously restore and refine into the image they were destined to be..      Our prayers for them hasten our  Lord to water the seeds planted in them with His Spirit.)

~Shared by anonymous


2 thoughts on “Interceding For Others Confirmation Rhemas

  1. Reading our visions, dreams, confirmations and stories of love from our heartdwellers helps bring me into a very special place with Jesus by my side. Thank you for sharing, it means so much to so many. Blessings!

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