God’s Chariot For Departure



I woke up and saw JESUS on my RIGHT SIDE just as quickly as I saw JESUS he was gone.  I looked at the time and it was 12:20am.  I tried to go back to sleep hoping to see JESUS again in my dream. Finally when I slept again JESUS gave me a DREAM, in this Dream I was at an AIRPORT.  I saw an elderly lady about 60-70 YRS of age. She was to board a plane to go somewhere , but she adamantly insisted to ride in a chariot that was at the AIRPORT.  This is a CHARIOT that I saw on the AIRPORT PREMISES that seemed to be a DISPLAY for   ANTIQUE things.  All the AIRPORT staff started laughing at her thinking this lady is crazy.  Then I said to the staff IF THIS LADY IS GOING IN THIS CHARIOT, I WANT TO GO ALSO.  When I went in and sat down in the CHARIOT after about 1 min , I suddenly feel the CHARIOT started VIBRATING.  I WAS AWARE IN MY SPIRIT SOMETHING SUPERNATURALLY IS TAKING PLACE, then I woke up (1/23/2016)

~Shared by Patrick Anderson in Video Comments

6 thoughts on “God’s Chariot For Departure

  1. I was just starting to take a nap and when I do its my quiet time to talk to God in my heart. Today He just said I’m preparing a Golden Chariot for you. It’s neat to hear others getting the same messages!

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  2. I just had a dream last night that I was walking around the neighborhood I grew up in as a kid and suddenly I saw Jesus with angels riding with him in a golden chariot and then all of a sudden as they were riding, Jesus, the angels, teh chariot and the horses started to intensify in a glowing sparkling light of gold. It was amazing! They rode towards me and then kept riding past me. It all seemed to happen so quickly. I found this site trying to find out what the dream means. Well anyway, I thought I would share. God bless you all!

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    • Mark, thanks so much for sharing that dream… wow… definitely a very spiritual dream because I don’t think we normally would dream about something like that out of the blue.. I’m wondering if it could signify our Lord telling you it’s only going to be a matter of time before His return .. and He’s coming quickly. It even says in the Bible, “I come quickly”. And the fact that you saw this in your dream in your hometown neighborhood seems to signify that when He does return, we will all be caught by surprise,. and it will be a typical ordinary day like it was when we were out and about in our old neighborhoods as kids. I don’t want to speculate.. but you truly had a dream from our Lord.
      God bless you and thanks for sharing!


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