Those Precious Quiet Times!


This morning I was reveling in the peace and quiet surrounding me as I woke up rather early before work..    Not a television or radio could be heard, and I was soo thrilled to be with the Lord in that quiet atmosphere.         Normally, there is never a waking moment when I am not surrounded by man-made noise of some sort..    Most of the times it’s a radio or television program.   People are just afraid of a noiseless environment.    Even at my job,   radios are on throughout the day and in the lunchroom, the television is always on.  Even as I type this blog post at 9:16 pm tonight, my mother is watching “All in the Family” on television downstairs and while my door is shut, the television is one of those “surround sound” types where the audio is heard clearly even on the second floor.

So when I can discover some peace and quiet,  I thank God because then I can have some time alone with Him!   I’m reminded of Jesus during His life on this Earth, where He would pull Himself away from the crowds from time to time,  and walk up a high place to be alone with the Father.   *sigh*!

This morning I asked Him if He would give me something on this.. a Rhema word, of His input on  these quiet times.      Blindly I opened to “God at Eventide”.. a journal of His recorded words to two British women in the last Century.    I was stunned (as usual) at our Lord’s clear reply as my eyes fell on His following words:

“Withdraw Yourself:

 “It is not in the crowd that lovers learn to know and cherish each other.  It is in the quiet times alone.   So with My own and Me.  It is in the tender alone-times that they learn all that I can be to each.  

Shut out the World with it’s all too insistent claims.  Then, because of the power and peace and the joy that comes to you, you will crave to be alone with Me.”



5 thoughts on “Those Precious Quiet Times!

    • God bless you Sis! His reply to me was such a jump-start infusion of faith for me.. Nevetheless, He doesn’t always choose to reply to me by having me open to something like that though. Sometimes I will ask Him for His reply by blindly opening up the Scriptures, or other book of His recorded words, and I will receive from Him a very clear reply. Then other times He will surprise me much later with me seeing a bumper sticker on someone’s car, etc.. He goes out of His way to keep me on “my toes” in listening to Him 🙂

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  1. this is so true! It is the quiet in our home that seems to draw me nearer to our beloved savior, Jesus. Something comes over me when i sit in my comfortable chair and think about the beloved name of Jesus. He always comes to me the quickest when I am in quiet and the world is melted away. Thank you Lisa, I love quiet time with Jesus.


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      • Thank you very much for sharing your dream. I have a place, a special chair with a cooling fan in front. I close my eyes and let my love for my savior flood through my mind and body. When Jesus wraps His arms around me I seem to float off the chair. Absolute peace washes over me and everything fades away. It’s Jesus and me. Nothing in my life compares to feeling my Jesus. My prayer is all heartdwellers, all followers of Jesus, and most of all, I pray that someday everyone will turn to love and release their anger.

        Blessings Heartdwellers

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